International Leadership Track

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This management traineeship is not for the many. Fugro’s International Leadership Track (ILT) is a two-and-a-half-year programme developed for ambitious graduates with a Masters degree and less than 2 years' work experience who enjoy a challenge. With this track we aim to accelerate your development towards becoming a future leader at Fugro.

This fast-paced programme offers the opportunity to immerse yourself into various aspects of our business, at the start of your career! You’ll gain a real understanding of our company, while building up a vast network and working on several (international) assignments. 

How our ILT Traineeship can positively impact you?

  • Personalized training programmes

  • Competitive Pay

  • Building a strong local and global network

  • Guidance sessions, one-on-one coaching, and support from peers

  • Participating in a group strategic business challenge

  • Be part of ILT Dutch week, meeting face-to-face in the Netherlands HQ

  • Once you have finalised your traineeship you will land in a key position which has critical business impact

You will be working closely on projects like:

  • Managing geotechnical projects in Land or Marine

  • Developing a Strategy for the offshore wind market

  • Coordination of the global Seabed 2030 project

  • Determining commercial/business models for specific services

  • Work on 4D data visualization, digital twins, autonomous robots, and aerial drone solutions;

  • Coastal resilience, offshore wind development, deep water site investigation;

  • Reliability assessment USV and USV production efficiency analysis and so much more...

What is the International Leadership Track?

Are you the right match for us?

We're searching for pioneering minds who crave something more. Those who don't settle for the status quo, but actively seek ways to push boundaries and make a real difference.

Are you highly ambitious, someone who dives headfirst into extracurricular activities and side projects? Do you possess an entrepreneurial spirit, driven by a desire to leave a lasting impact? And eager to contribute to our mission to create a safe and liveable world. If so, then we would like to hear from you!

Are you interested?

Do you want to become part of world’s leading Geo-data company where you have the opportunity to  work on challenging cross-functional assignments covering different areas of our business over 2.5 years period?

Please send us your resume by clicking the ‘Apply now’ button. 
After you have applied, our application process will look as following:

The selection process at a glance

Apply now
Images to go with Careers Employee stories
Images to go with Careers Employee Stories

You will receive an automated confirmation-email of the receipt of your application.

Employee stories
First Interview

When we are enthusiastic about your motivation and matching resume, we will invite you for the first interview with HR. Of course, you will also receive a message if we will not invite you.

Images to go with Careers Employee stories
Images to go with Careers Employee Stories
Second Interview & Online Assessment

Second interview is with the Hiring Manager and if you are shortlisted you will receive an online assessment.

Images to go with Careers Employee stories
Images to go with Careers Employee Stories
Third Interview

If the result of the assessment is positive, the third and final round is a panel interview with 2 members of our Senior Management Team.

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Welcome to Fugro!

After the final interview, the hiring team will evaluate every candidate’s potential for success in the role. If you are selected for our ILT programme, HR will contact you to make an offer!

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