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With Fugro, you are in the driving seat of your career; you determine your own career path. To reach your full potential, you can develop yourself in your current role or consider opportunities elsewhere in Fugro.

To support you in discovering your talent, we have created a career guidance structure that serves as a roadmap to your Fugro career journey and helps you navigate potential career options and learning opportunities.

We want to enable you to become the best in this industry and therefore offer you a breadth of learning and development opportunities. To ensure you can take control of your career.

Cody Webb

Global Head of Technical Training & Competence

Fugro Academy

Fugro Academy provides practical and theoretical training and development solutions, with global delivery across all of our locations. These courses provide a great platform to get to know colleagues from different countries and truly help you establish a network within our organisation. Of course, this improves your teamwork skills, but most importantly; it brings to life many of the synergies which make Fugro so unique. 

Fugro Blue Volta® eROV in the National Robotarium's Heriot-Watt University facilities carrying out trials
Employees having a discussion around a laptop in the Wallingford office
Employees working in the ROC in Perth
Employees working in the ROC in Perth

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ROV piloting

The Fugro Academy offers a wide range of training across the following categories: 

  • Leadership training 

  • Personal development 

  • Technical training

  • Business training

One of the technical trainings available via Fugro Academy: Applied Hydrographic Survey Programme

Geotechnical ground investigation for Keadby 3 Power Station, United Kingdom
CPT,  GRMF (geo-risk management framework),  Keadby 3 Power Station,  United Kingdom,  geotechnical drilling,  geotechnical investigation,  site investigation,  Apparel,  Clothing,  Hardhat,  Helmet,  Person
Geotechnical ground investigation for Keadby 3 Power Station, United Kingdom

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