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Fugro Academy

Established in 2006, Fugro Academy enjoys a strong internal brand as our in-house training centre focused on the development of our staff. The academy delivers both classroom and virtual courses on a variety of technical, HSE, and business related topics to internal audiences.

Having surpassed more than 200,000 course enrolments since its founding in 2006, the depth and breadth of the academy’s offerings to internal audiences continues to expand.

Fugro Academy’s mission is to support the development of competence, support organisational change, help maintain corporate competitiveness, help attract and retain talent, and to serve customers/stakeholders.

In 2013, Fugro Academy established a permanent training facility in the United Kingdom which allows for an expanded effort in the training and development of our staff.

About Fugro Academy:

Fugro Academy operates as an internal training school. Trainers and training courses have been deployed around the group to meet local needs. The academy offers courses which suit the needs of our staff at many levels.

A basic function of the academy is to help instill and develop of the essential core behaviours and awareness that assist someone in becoming an effective Fugro employee. These consist of the attributes that reflect good corporate citizenship and basic information about the organisation and industry sectors that we operate in.

The safety of all of our employees is of paramount importance and so another fundamental level of Fugro Academy is providing learning and development in this area.

At the core of the academy is our technical training. In our model, each ‘school’ represents an area of specific focus for the development of technical and professional skills and the competencies needed by the business.

Adding value to the business is critical, and the need to develop staff to lead Fugro into the future is part of the remit of Fugro Academy.

The School of Business supports the development of specific functional competences relating to the way Fugro develops and undertakes business. This includes development around roles such as project management, commercial management, business development, sales and marketing.

The School of Management supports the development of leadership and management in Fugro and is linked to succession planning across the organisation.

Access to Fugro Academy is available globally to our staff.

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