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Using our innovative Fugro RILA monitoring system we provide a digital twin of the entire rail corridor giving you accurate, up to date information to support decision making and help optimise railway operations. The frequently updated high-quality data allows you to monitor essential infrastructure assets, detect changes and avoid unplanned incidents by being in control of your track data.

Monitoring critical parameters

Through millions of data points, Fugro Track Twin maps the position and condition
of the track and any object in the railway corridor based on absolute and relative
track geometry. The system produces a baseline model with accurate XYZ locations
for all elements surrounding the tracks, which is frequently updated to allow for change detection on any object in the railway corridor, providing early insights to help build cost-effective maintenance programmes and create safer railway networks.

Track Twin, brings together the track centreline, overhead catenary, ballast profiles, signalling systems, cable runs, structures and other parameters such as track distance, height and stagger. 

3D corridor information

The digital Track Twin is accessible through an intuitive and secure web portal which integrates 2D and 3D data to present a dynamic 3D model of the railway corridor. Track Twin can import third-party data and removes the need for in-house sourcing and spatial data management. Designed to serve all needs, Track Twin can also feed the data into your own GIS, 3D viewer or linear asset management systems. Our mission is to enable you to fully control the information you need to manage the entire life cycle of rail track assets, all the way through planning, engineering, construction maintenance.


  • Optimised railway operations, proactive decision-making and improved engineering work via an up-to-date and accurate digital twin of the entire railway network
  • Full control and easy access to georeferenced track data mean fewer incidents and lower cost
  • Increased safety and lower risks with fewer field visits needed to plan, scope and inspect


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