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Providing essential infrastructure information for Rail networks
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Our RailData services enable track and associated assets to be recorded and analysed with unprecedented accuracy, safety and efficiency. We provide the essential data required to improve the design, engineering and management of railway networks around the world. 

Key to this provision is minimising or eliminating disruption to rail services and exposure to trackside risks. Using our train-mounted RILA Track and RILA 360 systems, we create a 3D virtual model of the entire railway corridor - including track, catenary, switches and crossings, cable runs, trackbed, earthworks and structures. This enables designers, engineers and maintenance crews to visualise, plan and execute works with far greater efficiency.


We offer a safer, faster and more affordable way to gather accurate, up-to-date rail infrastructure data and analysis, with limited disruption to service.

Operates at high speeds, gathering data at significantly lower cost
Eliminates the need for deploying survey crews trackside
Enables railway assets to be managed without disrupting train services.
Provides data that, from a single survey, can be used many times and in many different ways


The delivered data has enabled ProRail to build a 3D model of the Dutch railways. Never before has anyone surveyed the geometry of marshalling yards with a mobile application, a unique feature.

Arco Okker - Railgeometry Manager at ProRail

Safety has been paramount throughout the project. Using the RILA method has saved over 215 site visits where Survey Personnel would have been required to access track. This speaks for itself.

Lee Dalton - Design Manager at Network Rail

Our team has found the RILA and RILA-360 technologies to be safer, faster, more accurate and less expensive than any other method of acquiring data sets for sections of track longer than a mile.

Chris Flynn - IEP Project Manager at Network Rail


RILA track and RILA 360

Benefit from our unique RILA systems that provide a safer, faster and more affordable way to deliver accurate, up-to-date rail infrastructure data and analysis, with limited or no disruption to train service.

RILA trackbed

Understand how subsurface changes may affect track performance by using GPR surveys to provide a powerful and comprehensive range of information for a discrete site or an entire network.

RILA portal

Bring the railway to your desktop using an intuitive web portal that enhances and improves your ability to manage data. This includes situational awareness, asset management and design and engineering tools.

Rail site characterisation

Benefit from a thorough knowledge of ground conditions to help you predict and understand the performance of underground and surface rail assets.


Consider us your innovation partner. We are focusing thoughts and inspirations on the technological solutions to the challenges you face. Together, we can improve efficiency and reduce costs.

RILA coverage check

Find out where our RILA system has already delivered high-accuracy track data of the railway and surrounding infrastructure.

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