Planet Beyond x IPF24 mini series

Innovations in Offshore Wind

Fugro Explorer transiting through Manhattan, New York, America.


11 Jun 2024

How will innovation impact the future of the offshore industry? In this fourth episode of the Planet Beyond IPF mini-series, recorded live at the IPF conference in New Orleans, we discuss the cutting-edge innovations shaping the burgeoning offshore wind industry in the US.

Jon Baston-Pitt is joined by guests Deanne Hargrave of Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind and Chad Pastor of Fugro to explore the unique challenges faced, from navigating complex seabed conditions to evolving government regulations, and how innovative solutions such as VirGeo® and Innomar Deep-36, are addressing these hurdles.


Jon Baston-Pitt, Fugro


Deanne Hargrave, Geoscience Manager, Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind

Chad Pastor, Applied Technologies Manager, Americas, Fugro

Staff from Fugro taking part in a practical training session in the operation of uncrewed surface vessels (USVs) on board the WillChallenge on Southampton Water.
Fugro Middle East personnel have completed the world's first Maritime Autonomous Surface Systems (MASS) professional certified training delivered by SeaBot XR at their training academy CEbotiX, the National Centre for Operational Excellence in Marine Robotics based in Southampton, UK.

Fugro Academy Training Centre

Applied Hydrographic Survey Programme

Our internationally recognised International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) Category B programme is designed to help you build skills in the science and technology of hydrography and move forward in your career.

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