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Onshore wind farm in coastal community


14 May 2024

The Planet Beyond team has been recording live from the International Partnering Forum (IPF) 2024 in New Orleans. In this episode of the Planet Beyond IPF mini-series, host Jon Baston-Pitt is joined by industry experts to explore the journey of developers transitioning from land-based to offshore wind projects in the United States.

Ken Kimmell, Alberto Osorio and Daniel Runyan share the work being done by Avangrid and Invenergy—and the challenges they face as they transition offshore. They delve into the motivations behind moving into offshore wind, highlighting factors like climate change concerns, energy demand, and the advantages of offshore wind capacity.

The US wind industry has trailed international counterparts as they move offshore. But that gives the sector the chance to learn from others around the world. Despite recent challenges, all guests express optimism for the future of offshore wind in the US. Improved collaboration and government support has the potential to drive job creation and increase efficiency, as the country commits itself to the energy transition.


Jon Baston-Pitt, Fugro


Alberto Osorio, Vice President of Offshore Engineering, Invenergy

Daniel Runyan, Senior Vice President for Offshore Wind Development, Invenergy

Ken Kimmell, Chief Development Officer, Avangrid

Photo credit: Fernando Jaimes Bustamante

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