Dividend policy

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Fugro will resume dividend payments as of full-year 2023, with a pay-out EUR 0.40 per share subject to shareholder approval to be obtained at the AGM on 25 April, and we have amended our dividend policy to 25-45% of net result.

In light of anticipated changes in Dutch legislation regarding the abolishment of dividend tax exemption on share buybacks, we will pay-out in cash only.

Dividend reinvestment plan

ABN AMRO is responsible for executing the dividend payment on behalf of Fugro and offers shareholders the option to participate in a dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP). By participating in this program, shareholders can reinvest their net dividend into shares of Fugro. Further information regarding the DRIP will be made available by ABN AMRO to all financial intermediaries.

Please find a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the DRIP below:


Frequently Asked Questions DRIP

Dividend Timetable

  • Ex-dividend date: 29 April 2024

  • Record date: 30 April 2024

  • Payment date: 27 May 2024

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