Fugro SpAARC

Australian Space Automation AI and Robotics Control Complex

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SpAARC is a world-class facility in Australia that trains, tests and controls remote and autonomous operations in space and other harsh environments, and a world-recognised commercial facility for innovation, security and collaboration.

The Australian Space Agency (via the Space Infrastructure Fund) selected Fugro to design, build and operate SpAARC in Western Australia (WA). The facility is part-funded by the WA state government and will support many exciting new space robotics projects, including NASA’s return to the moon, on-orbit service assembly and manufacturing, lunar surface operations and ISRU, and the support of gateways and space stations.

Project objectives

Through the execution of SpAARC, Fugro meets all four objectives of the Space Infrastructure Fund and builds a globally recognised capability:

  1. Establish world class infrastructure in the Australian space industry

  2. Strengthen the brand, reputation and capability of the Australian space sector

  3. Support growth and transformation in space and related industries

  4. Capture and leverage local and international investment opportunities

Missions delivered. Anywhere

SpAARC will be a multi-user facility operated by Fugro, providing accessible infrastructure for transposing current Australian robotic expertise into the space environment. The demonstration and test facility will support software simulation of space vehicles, space robotic systems, and planetary exploration systems, including orbital mechanics and simulated communication links with time delays.

SpAARC will provide a universal data interface for users to integrate their unique human-robot interfaces, software, simulators and visualisation equipment into the facility.

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Fugro will coordinate closely with existing partners such as AROSE and Curtin University to engage with industry and the space community, deliver space projects and demonstrations, and communicate new knowledge, developments and opportunities. SpAARC will advance the technical and commercial capabilities of Australian remote and autonomous operations, and continue to form partnerships to assist in building competence and capacity in Australia through strong local and international relationships.

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Building on our strengths

Robotics, automation and AI is a strategic priority for the Australian Space Agency (ASA) with a focus on leveraging existing and developing remote operations capability to benefit the international space ecosystem.

The ASA selected Fugro for this important role because of our track record as an industry-leading operator in remote operations. With an ability to operate robotics systems over vast distances using low bandwidth satellites, and our use of unique data transfer technology and cutting edge computer capabilities, we offer a unique combination of expertise to the project.

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Unlisted expertise files for Fugro.com