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Fugro Marinestar® delivers a range of GNSS positioning services worldwide tailored for the dredging and marine construction, navy and hydrographic, wind farm and oceanographic research sectors.

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Raymond Bilkerdijk

Global Lead - Fugro Marinestar®


Global coverage

With over 30 years of satellite-based positioning systems and technology experience and continuous research and development, we provide high quality market-leading innovative positioning services. Marinestar® offers global coverage, with dual coverage in most places to provide a back-up, as shown in the map below:

Global coverage map Marinestar


The map below shows accuracy data collected over a one year period:

Accuracy Marinestar G2+ 95%

Accuracy – G2+ 95% height accuracy in centimetres using one-year worth of data

GNSS network

The Marinestar® GNSS services are delivered over dual independent delivery paths. It can be broadcasted to all Marinestar® capable receivers.  

The diagram below shows the main correction services that we provide:

  • G4+: corrections from the Fugro reference station network

  • XP2: corrections from an independent reference station network

  • VBS: corrections for legacy receivers

It also shows the back-up elements that ensure a continuous service:

  • 2 reference station networks

  • 2 Network Control Centers (NCCs)

  • 2 back-up NCCs

  • several uplinks stations with back-ups

GNSS Network

GNSS Network

To complement the standard satellite broadcast delivery channels, we offer internet delivery of correction data using the Ntrip protocol (networked transport of RTCM over internet protocol).

Signal available on third party equipment

You don't need to have a Fugro receiver to receive corrections. The Marinestar® signal is available on various third party equipment, including receivers by the following brands:

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Subscription model

When you subscribe to Fugro Marinestar® services, you can be confident that your vessels have a reliable, stable, accurate, 24/7 supported and safe positioning service.


Fugro Marinestar® offers a range of services tailored to the particular application and market environment to ensure a cost effective, fit for purpose solution under every circumstance. We offer:

  • global coverage with 24/7 support

  • via dual frequencies and up to 4 constellations


Fugro Marinestar® technical support service is available 24/7

+31 (0)70 31 70960

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Raymond Bilkerdijk

Global Lead - Fugro Marinestar®

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Bjørn IngeNilsen

Americas Lead - Fugro Marinestar®

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