United Kingdom

Transitioning from the services

Military candidates have unique experience, and are adaptable, self-confident and task-driven individuals. We are always seeking veterans who are experienced in the disciplines of Survey, Engineering, Navigation, Electronics, Geospatial and Information Technology.

Fugro is an award-winning military friendly employer that actively seeks military veterans in transitional employment to use the skills they have learned in the military services towards their careers with us.

In the UK, we actively seek to employ Forces veterans who are transitioning to civilian life and regularly participate in job fairs and career transition events for Forces members.

Globally, we are interested in the skills of individuals who are veterans or have served in the armed forces of their countries because of the skill sets learned and the mental toughness which is part of the rigorous life of service members.

Military applicants are encouraged to apply for roles up to 90 days prior to their active duty separation.