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StarFix® global positioning

Starfix® global positioning provides positioning services on a world wide basis, it is a key element in almost everything that Fugro does and is hence a backbone in the services we provide. The system is used on many hundreds of vessels and structures that are used offshore.

Fugro positioning systems are completely scalable to meet a broad range of requirements from robust L1 differential GPS to fully redundant dual frequency, orbit and clock correction of multiple navigation satellites constellations.

Fugro’s Offshore Positioning Services are based on the Starfix® range of positioning systems which includes:

The new G4 satellite correction service takes advantage of all four global navigation satellite systems: GPS (USA), GLONASS (Russian), BeiDou (Chinese) and Galileo (European). Fugro’s G4 service already utilizes the first BeiDou satellites and is ready to start using the Galileo satellites as soon as the EU announces IOC status for this system. Compared to augmentation systems based on only GPS or GPS combined with GLONASS, G4 represents a significant advancement. By using all available satellites, availability and reliability of offshore positioning are improved and the safety and productivity of a wide range of survey and other offshore activities are enhanced.

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The G2+ satellite positioning services’ ultra-high accuracy enables the real-time correction of tidal changes (which impact the accuracy of seabed mapping) as well as the monitoring in real-time of the motion of floating and fixed structures. The 3D accuracies approach those of GNSS RTK systems without the need for an RTK base station or local transmission link, overcoming the logistical challenges and range limitations associated with coastal RTK systems. Applications include offshore construction, survey services, vessel monitoring and  structural monitoring; measuring latitude, longitude, elevation and speed will benefit from the new G2+ service.

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The Fugro flagship, dual frequency orbit and clock positioning system seamlessly incorporates all available satellites to produce a composite position. Additional satellites confirm the calculated position and build confidence and reliability, provide better resistance to ionospheric scintillation effects which tend to affect a particular part of the sky and can bridge periods of bad geometry for each of the separate systems.

A dual frequency, multi reference station carrier phase computation system producing a position of extremely high accuracy. Further positional enhancements are undertaken in Fugro’s SPM5 software resulting in greater positional accuracy. At a distance of 1000 km from the nearest reference station, the accuracies are typically 10cm and 15cm (95%) in the horizontal and vertical planes respectively.

A dual frequency, orbit and clock computation, based on 3rd party reference stations is a Precise Point Positioning (PPP) technology, which distinguishes itself from the traditional differential approach as satellite errors are estimated per source, per satellite.

This single frequency differential GPS service provides worldwide differential accuracy and coverage. The system can provide a positional accuracy of better than 1.5 m (95%) horizontally at a distance of 500 km from the closest reference station.

All our dual frequency systems are designed to mitigate problems of increased ionospheric activity worldwide that have an adverse effect on the satellite signals used to derive a positioning solution.

Our augmented infrastructure is designed to provide the highest level of redundancy for the most demanding safety critical operations. Differential GNSS solutions are based on at least three fully independent positioning calculations, three separate groups of independent reference stations, two independent network control centres and various hardware platforms. All services are broadcast by at least two different communication satellites anywhere on earth.

All our positioning and construction services are brought together in the Fugro Starfix® integrated survey and positioning software, which supports the widest possible scope of positioning and survey activities.

Dedicated modules in the software cover rig move operations, barge operations, marine survey data collection, underwater positioning and much more.

Offshore positioning uses high-precision satellite-based technology to derive the exact location of vessels, along with the equipment and infrastructure to perform a wide variety of offshore activities. Providing accurate DGPS for demanding offshore operations.

Fugro’s innovative positioning infrastructure and expert staff have ensured a quality-controlled and cost-effective positioning service to the offshore industry for nearly 30 years.

Based on our proprietary infrastructure, hardware and software, we offer: 

  • Positioning services with high accuracy worldwide
  • Full redundancy along the entire positioning supply chain
  • Full use of all available navigation satellite systems
  • Expert staff to support the most demanding offshore projects
  • Fugro propriety ‘Starfix®’ software to support complex offshore operations
  • Fugro’s world-wide infrastructure for augmentation of existing Global Navigation systems (GNSS) with more than 110 reference stations dispersed on all continents, to measure and compare navigation satellite data
  • All correction services available on over 10 communication satellites for full redundant positioning coverage around the clock and around the globe

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