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SEADEVIL® - vertical control system

The SEADEVIL® is an innovative offshore geotechnical tool offered as part of Fugro's comprehensive suite of vessel-based and seafloor drilling and in situ investigation tools. The SEADEVIL® Vertical Control System (VCS) improves data quality when drilling soft and highly variable formations and reduces the duration of projects that require multiple site investigation methods, such as drilling or intrusion via direct push or free fall.

The SEADEVIL® provides a Vertical Control System (VCS) at seabed in order to control seafloor penetration independent from vessel heave, whilst exploiting all the capabilities of vessel-based geotechnical operations. This combination makes it an ideal tool when the best sample quality and accuracy is demanded from soft and highly variable soils; where depth of penetration cannot be compromised; or where operational efficiency between different SI modes is critical.

  • The compact SEADEVIL® seabed template (3 m by 3 m plan size) allows deployment through a small moon pool at midship
  • Seafloor reference information provided by cameras and sensors on the seafloor frame
  • Good control over weight on bit (WOB) leads to better control over the rate of penetration
  • The rotary chuck inside the feed system lowers or raises the drill pipes or CPT push rods in a controlled manner
  • Vessel mud supply and control delivers borehole stability
  • Changeovers between drilling mode and non-drilling (seafloor push) mode can be achieved with limited reconfiguration of the seabed template, and potentially within 5 hours
  • Full suite of seabed investigation tools for vessel drilling can be deployed

Fugro's offshore geotechnical division offers vessel based drilling and seafloor drilling, but in specific environments and for particular project schedules, deploying the SEADEVIL® can deliver the best of both worlds.

  • Improved performance with regard to soil disturbance
  • Excellent depth control performance 
  • Better recovery rates for soft or highly variable soils
  • Penetration depths below seafloor match vessel-based operations
  • Drilling capabilities in difficult ground conditions exceed conventional drilling in shallow water
  • Safer operations
  • Extended, safe weather window operations
  • Operational  efficiency and fewer port calls for multimode operations
  • Deepwater efficiency comparable to seafloor drilling.


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