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OWF turbine close up

Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance

Operations and maintenance (O&M) involve the day-to-day O&M activities necessary for an offshore asset to function efficiently until the end of its lifetime. Efficient O&M can reduce the levelised cost of energy (LCOE), enhance asset performance, minimise downtime and failures, and improve safety for your wind farm. As a leading firm in offshore wind farm development, we also offer an extensive package of services during the operational phase to deliver upon LCOE targets. Using structural monitoring and Geo-data to optimise maintenance, remote inspections to improve safety and sustainability, and a novel data platform to provide real-time data access, we support your offshore wind farm in operating more efficiently, safely and sustainably.

A well-planned O&M strategy is key to the success of any offshore project. From routine operations to long term asset management, our bespoke structural monitoring solutions enable real-time and continuous integrity monitoring of assets to provide early indications of fatigue or failure. Our Geo-data expertise allows the integration of all available data from site investigation to asset inspection and monitoring, into a digital twin of your offshore asset. This enables condition-based and preventative maintenance strategies to be implemented. Our innovative solutions combined with expertise and Geo-data supports O&M activities to maximise the value of your asset and extend its lifetime. Our services include:

We can support you throughout the complete life cycle of your offshore asset from design and installation through to O&M and decommissioning. Through integrated delivery of specialised services, we meet environmental and regulatory standards while delivering a tailored inspection and monitoring programme to meet your O&M budget and plan. Our O&M services can be applied to support your offshore wind farm project.

Selecting the appropriate O&M strategy affects the overall performance regarding costs, safety and sustainability of your offshore wind farm. Leveraging Geo-data is key to further increase the O&M performance as it facilitates an asset-by-asset comparison, which increases the understanding of the asset. Existing offshore wind farms generate a significant amount of data related to O&M processes that contain valuable insights but are currently underutilised. Leveraging the value of these datasets can further optimise O&M campaigns.

As offshore wind farms are unmanned and located far out at sea, sensors are used to monitor and deliver asset condition and performance data. To maximise impact of efficient O&M, integration of all O&M services and advanced data analytics is crucial to identity the root causes of turbine failure, diagnose faults, predict future failures and abnormal activities. Access to these early insights and understanding the real-time behaviour of the main components of offshore wind turbines under operational conditions can help reduce downtime, extend your assets lifetime and reduce your O&M costs.
  • Optimise asset performance through a well-planned O&M strategy tailored to the local site conditions  
  • Minimise operational costs achieved by predictive maintenance and early failure detection
  • Improve HSSE through removing more personnel from the hazardous offshore environment
  • Reduce downtime and failures by using integrated, remote, autonomous and digital solutions

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