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We unlock insights from Geo-data to help you plan, design, build, operate and maintain your offshore wind farm in a safe, sustainable and efficient manner. Our successful track record, combined with local presence and global knowledge, enables us to support offshore wind farm projects anywhere in the world.

Our solutions support you across the asset life cycle, from planning and design, through operating and maintenance, to decommissioning. We offer an extensive range of Geo-data acquisition, monitoring, maintenance and geoconsultancy services to provide insights that allow you to make informed decisions so you can manage your wind farm effectively. 

Reliable Geo-data acquisition, analysis and advice available anytime, anywhere
Accurate Geo-data insights to optimise and derisk your offshore wind farm across the asset life cycle.
On-time project delivery assurance

Floating Wind

Accelerating the commercialisation of your floating wind project through site investigation surveys, consultancy, remote construction support, and operations and maintenance services underpinned by digital delivery of geospatial and asset performance data.

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Floating offshore wind turbine

Site Appraisal and Concept Design

Site appraisal and concept design (1)

Early access to insights into the proposed site during the planning phase is key to derisking your project and reducing uncertainties in concept development.

Our site appraisal and concept development solutions provide industry-leading Geo-data and actionable insights on local conditions, site-specific ground conditions, geohazards and environmental constraints. Our in-house geoconsultants work as an extension of your team, analysing and advising on risks as you make your project decisions.

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Foundation Design

Offshore wind turbine foundations are designed to withstand extreme conditions for the entire life cycle. Site conditions, geohazards and installation risks are unique for each site development and a comprehensive understanding is essential to optimise foundation design.

Fugro’s Geo-data expertise and foundation consultancy enable reliable and efficient foundation designs and reduce installation risks. From a desktop study to data acquisition or foundation scope, our foundation design and monitoring solutions ensure you have the data you need for optimal designs.

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Foundation design

Power Cable Design

Power cable design

Subsea power cables are situated in high-risk environments that require an in-depth understanding of the seafloor and sub-surface conditions.

We acquire Geo-data and apply our expertise on metocean, geology, geophysics, geotechnics and GIS to advise on reliable and optimal power cable design. A detailed risk assessment, ground model and cable burial assessment provide the insights you need to mitigate installation risks and improve reliability of cable performance. Our power cable solutions enable early and reliable cable routing, reduce cable installation and operational risks.

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UXO Risk Mitigation

Unexploded ordnance (UXO) is a key threat to marine developments globally and can impact on safe and timely project delivery. Fugro provides a complete UXO risk mitigation solution through an integrated approach to optimise your target lists and reduce the need for visual inspection.

Our state-of-the-art mitigation tools, combined with our in-house experts, provide you with actionable insights into the marine environment and a tailored mitigation strategy for the safe survey, identification, and clearance of UXO threats.

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Foundation Installation

Foundation Installation

Installation of offshore wind turbine foundations can be challenging due to harsh environmental conditions, and requires precision and experience to avoid scheduling risks. We provide specialist survey, positioning and monitoring services for foundation piling; our Inclinocam  technology provides safe, real-time and accurate measurements for efficient installation of your foundations and optimised vessel time.

For jacket installations, our specialist pile installation frame enables accurate positioning and monitoring during pile installation and our large diameter Vertical Boring Machine (VBM) enables seamless pile drilling in challenging seabed conditions. Tailored to jacket foundation installation, our rock socket calliper and large diameter pile relief drilling ensure safe and reliable piling.

Power Cable Installation

The successful installation and repair of subsea power cables relies on mitigating risks to ensure safe operations over the asset’s lifetime. We provide extensive survey services for safe and efficient installation of power cables and on-time project delivery for your offshore wind farm.

By combining our survey expertise with our global fleet of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and uncrewed surface vessels (USVs), we deliver efficient installation operations and provide accurate data to support the lay and trenching of power cables. Fugro’s global fleet of jack-up barges also support cable landfall works in shallow water and intertidal areas.

Power cable installation

Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance

OWF turbine close up

With many offshore wind turbines being installed worldwide, understanding their geospatial context is crucial to determining the failure statistics. We leverage our Geo-data insights to help reduce your levelised cost of energy (LCOE) by adopting predictive operations and maintenance strategies to secure asset integrity until end of your asset’s lifetime and beyond.

With our fleet of remotely operated vehicles and uncrewed surface vessels combined with various sensor technologies, we offer a flexible range of offshore wind farm inspection and monitoring services that are executed at a record low carbon footprint and without any offshore man hours required. All data collected is made available in a single data delivery platform to ensure all stakeholders can access the data anytime and anywhere.

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Once an asset has reached the end of its operational life, it must be safely decommissioned. Decommissioning must be planned at the initial stages of an offshore wind farm development to prevent complications and high costs.


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