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Field development

From initial planning, to design and installation, we provide a uniquely integrated suite of services for oil and gas field development projects.

Armed with detailed interpretations of surface and subsurface properties, we apply appropriate field development methodologies and determine any additional support resources with confidence. You can count on us to provide a complete package of integrated disciplines, expertise and technology.

Using vessel mounted sensors and AUV technology, our seabed surveys provide data of the highest resolution, presented in user-friendly digital formats suitable for field development design. Our geo-consultancy expertise and geotechnical investigation capabilities support development of efficient engineering solutions in the design and installation of platforms, pipelines and other field infrastructure. Our shallow target, ultra-high resolution geophysical survey techniques identify geo-hazards and other subsurface features while our oceanographic measurements reduce uncertainty about processes affecting equipment in the water column.

We screen, assess and model data, before evaluating the results and simulating scenarios. We manage risk and provide a complete suite of services that inform the economic evaluation of both the field and required development assets, such as:

  • Regional geohazard screening
  • Geoconsulting services
  • Metocean studies, forecasts and monitoring
  • Environmental surveys and impact assessments
  • Petroleum Operations Notices
  • Oil pollution emergency planning

We are equipped to meet the growing demands of clients to satisfy regulatory requirements. Our experienced staff maintains strong relationships with various agencies in order to keep all of your projects within mandated guidelines and on schedule. These services include:

Onshore Regulatory

  • US Corps of Engineers Permitting
  • Coastal Zone Permitting
  • Local Authorizations
  • Permit to Drill
  • Work Permit
  • Drilling Reports
  • Site Clearance

Offshore Regulatory

  • Exploration Plans
  • Suspension of Production
  • Structure/Pipeline Applications
  • Well Permitting & Reporting
  • INC Letters of Explanation
  • Applications for New, Modifications or Abandonment of Pipelines

Our expert advice and acquisition of precise data relating to selected concept, ensures that your production facilities and associated infrastructure are appropriate to the conditions of your site.

We provide:

  • Strategies and life-of-field programmes
  • Gas hydrate investigation and scientific drilling
  • Geohazard risk analysis
  • Survey design
  • Geophysical surveying, processing and evaluation
  • Marine mammal monitoring
  • Metocean data acquisition, processing and evaluation
  • Geotechnical data acquisition, processing and evaluation
  • Laboratory testing
  • Pipeline route optimization
  • Foundation engineering

We provide an extensive range of construction and project support services, including:

  • Well design optimisation, formation integrity testing and drilling
  • Subsea template and infrastructure installations
  • Flowline pulling and connections
  • Christmas tree running
  • Pilot hole drilling, top hole drilling and installation
  • Pipeline route surveys, lay monitoring and as-laid profile analyses
  • ROV intervention and inspection
  • Dimensional control of subsea structures and onshore construction components
  • Environmental inspection and monitoring
  • Metocean measuring and monitoring
  • Weather forecasting
  • Offshore positioning
  • Data management

We understand the complex challenges and business objectives associated with oil and gas field developments. This makes for a smoother integration of operational personnel, accelerated project schedules and significant efficiency gains. Our contribution is:

  • Vital insight
  • Technical acumen
  • Appropriate resources
  • Relevant infrastructure
  • Assured integrated economic solutions anywhere in the world

Field Development

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