Precise, reliable, high-accuracy differential GNSS correction service
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Radio navigation systems depend upon effective receipt of signals, for a satellite-based system this means an unobstructed view of the satellites. However, when operating close to large structures, satellites can easily be obscured leading to reduced performance at critical times.

The ability to use a wide range of satellites gives more choice and therefore higher probability of a good position solution.

A choice of services are available ranging from the SeastarTM Standard L1 sub meter level, GPS only, single frequency service to one of Fugro’s innovative SeastarTM G4 service.

SeastarTM DGNSS services are delivered over dual independent delivery paths. Reception is via a small dedicated omni-directional antenna or an existing, compatible Inmarsat system. This connection has no impact on use for normal two-way communications and does not affect equipment approvals.

To complement the standard satellite broadcast delivery channels, we offer our customers an alternative delivery of correction data using the NTRIP protocol as a backup. (Networked Transport of RTCM over Internet Protocol).


We deliver a first class service, safely and on time with 24/7 worldwide support. Our positioning services are tailored to clients’ specific requirements and budgets. We offer:

Worldwide solutions, using a small omni-directional antenna or Inmarsat terminal
Highest levels of signal reliability to ensure continuous signal reception
Independent augmentation solutions providing additional redundancy
Dual independent links in all Inmarsat ocean regions
Sub metre and decimetre level accuracy services
Unique purpose made L-band antenna for low elevation satellites
Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) capability using GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo
Compatible with Kongsberg Seatex DPS/DARPS systems

Additional benefits - Beyond 70 degrees North 

SeastarTM high performance satellite navigation augmentation services can be delivered beyond normal coverage limits. The standard method of correction data delivery is by broadcast over the Fugro network of L-band geostationary communication satellites. This is an extremely reliable and robust system, but geostationary satellites located above the equator have a coverage footprint that is limited to around 70 deg North using standard spot beam antennas.

The combination of our unique purpose-made L-band antennas for low elevation satellites (AD493 receiving corrections up till 75 deg North) and our NTRIP solution delivered over VSAT ensures you get the corrections you need for maintaining reliable and safe operations in the Arctic.

The Fugro NTRIP (Network Transport of RTCM over Internet Protocol) service is available as a back-up method over data delivery for all users.

When you subscribe to SeastarTM services, you can be confident that your vessels or rigs have a reliable, stable, 24/7 supported and safe positioning service.

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