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We provide GNSS software solutions to support position integrity by using high quality data and services generated from our proprietary global reference receiver network. Our network offers excellent performance and multiple layers of redundancy, allowing you a higher service level of trusted positioning.


We have a long track record in the offshore market as well as providing leading-edge innovations and accurate position services to the Marine and Oil and Gas markets. One of the key components of this track record is our proprietary reference receiver network with GNSS receivers on all continents and multiple layers of redundancy to secure the maximum uptime. This same network enables services such as real-time ephemeris data and navigation message authentication. 

Short lead time to market - software based solution with no additional hardware that can be embedded on existing systems
Worldwide solutions and coverage - Service can be provided globally by using different communication networks such as geostationary satellites for offshore or remote areas but also via regular (mobile) data networks
Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) capability using GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo navigation message authentication active on all key satellite constellations
>99.999% service uptime ensures continuous operations


Global Positioning System (GPS) and other GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) have become an essential element of the worldwide information infrastructure. Processes and systems are increasingly dependent on quality positioning and can be exposed to cyber-attack related risks which compromises position integrity. 

Security is not a built-in feature of GNSS open services and low-received-power as well as unencrypted civil signals are vulnerable to jamming and spoofing attacks. Jamming is usually detected by the receiver because it stops tracking satellites and cannot create a position solution, whereas a more sophisticated ‘Spoofing attack’, intentionally broadcasts a counterfeit GNSS signal that slightly overpowers the authentic signal to manipulate the receiver’s reported position, velocity or time. Spoofing poses a greater security risk because it is deceptive and civil grade receivers generally cannot identify the counterfeit signals from the authentic ones.

Our Satguard service offers GNSS navigation message authentication which cross checks the satellite navigation message in our global reference network, providing a digital signature to the users GNSS receiver and clearly indicating any potential threat.