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As a world-leader in marine geotechnical services, we provide drilling and well services from a fleet of dedicated geotechnical drill ships. For over 40 years our drilling and subsurface well intervention has supported oil and gas operators throughout the useful life of their wells. These specialised ‘well work’ services assist in de-risking well sites prior to deploying mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs) for heavier well intervention.

Applying our core drilling knowledge and experience, we install and construct the shallow section of subsea wells and seafloor infrastructure. We add maximum value in ‘well work’ areas such as:

  • Subsea and well activity
  • Conductor and casing installation
  • Well de-risking
  • Pre-drill activities
  • Well decommissioning and abandonment

By using cost-effective drilling vessels instead of costly and rare MODUs (mobile offshore drilling units) for pre-drilling operations, Fugro helps to remove simple tasks from the critical project path. With a focus on developing niche subsurface markets, our capabilities include drilling in the shallow earth section from the mud line down to approximately 3,000 metres below the seabed.

Where an MODU is introduced to a well site, we undertake the following associated work prior to its arrival:

  • Top hole drilling, installing conductor and surface casings (sometimes intermediate casings)
  • Installation of subsea templates
  • Pilot hole drilling
  • Leak Off Tests (LOT) and Formation Integrity Testing (FIT) to optimise well design
  • Construction work
  • Pulling and connecting flowlines
  • Running Xmas trees
  • Well abandonment services

A fleet of highly automated drillships, together with our extensive worldwide experience in the management, planning and execution of oil and gas drilling activities, enables us to provide highly cost-effective solutions which can also operate in parallel with existing development or exploration drilling campaigns.

We deliver a full range of drilling and subsea well services to the global oil and gas industry. Our multi-purpose Fugro Synergy drillship is a key feature in the services we offer. This purpose built vessel represents a new generation of high technology drillships and is integral to Fugro’s cost-effective drilling solutions, which help to remove many MODU-based activities from the critical path.

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