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Fugro provides specialist marine foundation drilling and installation services for construction activities in marine environments, supported  by extensive in-house design and fabrication capabilities for foundation installation and drilling equipment. Our capabilities allow us to provide bespoke equipment that is engineered and operated by us to give you the best technical and risk-reduced solution.

Other services include inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) for your marine construction project. We work from your vessel or our own (or a third party vessel) and also provide marine project management of third parties.

With a wide range of speciality drilling and related services and our vast experience and expertise, we will support your marine construction activities providing you with solutions that are specifically developed for your project.

Some of our capabilities include:

  • 7m shaft drilling and intake / outfall construction in high energy coastal environments
  • Innovative solutions for TBM recovery in marine environments
  • Bespoke pile handling systems
  • Outfall construction using jack-up barges or walking jack-up barges in very high energy surf zones
  • XL foundation and monopile drilling using pile-top drill technologies to support specialist services for ports, harbours and marine infrastructure
  • Offshore wind farm (OWF) operation and maintenance (O&M) services

XL Diameter Drilling

Our marine drills and in-house drilling systems can be installed onto floating vessels and barges to support marine construction projects. These heave compensated solutions allow us to drill sockets up to 7 m diameter in water depths beyond the reach of jack-up barges. 

We provide a complete service for subsea structure installations including wind farm foundations, vessel/platform moorings, conductor casings, jetty foundations and mudline cellars.

For dredging and subsea mining applications, drill cuttings are airlifted back to the surface and passed through onboard washing and screening plants, allowing us to provide high volume bulk sampling solutions which target specific locations or depth.

To work safely and efficiently in the variable conditions of the nearshore marine environment we design, manufacture and operate customised equipment. Our enviable track record of successfully completed projects includes the installation of sub-marine superstructures. We are globally servicing all marine infrastructure, energy and construction sectors.


Our current in-house capability is drilling overwater sockets and shafts from 0.5m to 7.5m for such industries as OWF foundations and intake & outfall structures. With the world’s largest fleet of pile top rigs at our disposal we should be your first call for this work.

Pile Handling Systems

Successfully reducing installation times for offshore wind farm foundation piles, Fugro’s bespoke pile handling systems enable rapid installation in most ground conditions. The technology allows controlled handling, lifting and additional hole support during overburden removal.

Construction Services

Whether your overwater building project is conventional or a complex structure for the offshore energy sector, we manage the project and plan the works. Our specialist equipment includes jack-up platforms and cranes but we also design and build equipment to undertake the works quickly, efficiently and safely.

Marine Outfalls & Trenching

Our jack up barges provide the ideal platform for large long-reach excavators. By using a combination of land survey or GPS and linking the information to the excavator’s on-board computer, we meet the exacting tolerances for outfall levels and set-out. When a workscope includes the use of explosives for hard rock areas, our comprehensive knowledge of relevant regulations enables us to source and use explosives for drilling and blasting techniques.


Adapting techniques to suit specific ground conditions and pipeline specifications is key to our success in outfall projects. Our jack-up barges can be quickly modified to deploy pipes from a ‘stinger’ frame and provide pipe welding or butt-fusion onboard, whilst simultaneously adding ballast-collars to sink the pipe in the trench. Other successful deployments have been achieved using the ‘float and drop’ technique.

Marine Installation Solutions

In recognition of the increasing demand for ‘turnkey’ contracts, Fugro can work as a main contractor and provide all required management support the project requires, without compromising quality or safety. Furthermore, our ability to provide access solutions using our jack-up barges means we can operate efficiently in the most problematic locations, and get men and materials to site safely, in places inaccessible to most plant. Our engineered solutions include a range of hammerless or combined hammer/drill pile installation methods. In fact we can develop a marine installation solution for most cases where conventional techniques cannot be used.

With 38 years of experience in marine drilling and jack-up barge operation, let us be your partner of choice for your marine installation and construction projects. With our innovative solutions you can control the risk of undertaking unusual construction activities in difficult marine environments, allowing you more time to focus on other aspects of the project.

We provide:

  • In-house design and fabrication capabilities with a team of design and engineering professionals
  • Bespoke foundation and shaft drilling equipment engineered for best technical and risk-reduced solutions
  • Specialist services in shaft and pile drilling, from the largest known fleet of specialist pile-top rigs
  • Innovative technologies and expertise to help our clients solve challenges by utilising and optimising methodologies upfront as a global partner
  • We have global presence, a large scope of specialist services to assist our clients in delivering projects on time, on budget and to specification

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