Marine Site Characterisation

Our work helps reduce uncertainty related to ground conditions and the marine environment, helping clients to manage risks and save costs through improved project reliability.

Marine Geoconsulting

We manage all the geophysical, geological, geotechnical and environmental requirements of your project throughout its complete lifespan; from exploration through to decommissioning and abandonment.

Marine Geotechnical

Our marine geotechnical services optimise the functionality and longevity of subsea infrastructure by providing risk analyses that combine geophysics, geology, and geotechnical engineering.

Geophysical Surveys

For offshore rig sites, power cable and pipeline routes and engineering field developments to reduce project risk and enhance safety.

Metocean Measurements

Commercial meteorological and oceanographic services and systems to reduce uncertainty in engineering specifications, support planning and enhance safety and operational efficiency.

Marine Environmental Services

Integrating consultancy with ecological surveys and laboratory testing to support infrastructure planning, consenting and development, environmental protection and resource management.

Hydrographic Survey Services

Efficient route surveys for submarine cables, bathymetry for Exclusive Economic Zone assessment and hydrographic surveys for nautical charting.

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