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Fugro Starfix® delivers precise high performance positioning services for offshore construction vessels, survey operations, pipelay and cable lay activities, seismic surveys, dive support, FPSO installation and monitoring. With dual independent positioning reference systems, we provide the highest standards of positioning, reliability, availability and coverage for your offshore operations. All our services are underpinned by 24/7 global support.


With over 30 years of satellite-based positioning experience and continuous research, we are able to offer market-leading innovations, quality and a wide range of services. These services include independent sub-decimetre level services (Fugro Starfix®.G4/G2 and Fugro Starfix®.XP2), centimetre level services (Fugro Starfix®.G2+) and sub-metre level services (Fugro Starfix®.L1)

Fugro Starfix® can be used to support a number of offshore activities, such as seismic surveys, offshore construction vessels, survey operations, pipelay and cable lay activities, dive support, FPSO installation and monitoring.

Our correction data are transmitted in a compressed and encrypted proprietary format known as SCF (Super Compressed Format). These corrections are available via High Power Satellite transmissions and via an NTRIP internet link (via the vessel VSAT system). The Fugro Correction Networks, Network Control Centres, Uplink Stations and Corrections Satellites are combined with independent vessel hardware and software to provide fully independent Fugro Starfix® positioning solutions. In such a case there is no single point of failure which could cause both systems to fail.

  • Worldwide solutions and coverage
  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) capability using GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo
  • Highest levels of signal reliability to ensure continuous signal reception
  • Dual independent links in all Inmarsat ocean regions
  • Dual network control centres
  • Centimetre, decimetre and sub-metre level of service accuracies
  • Services and hardware dedicated to polar regions (see below)
  • 24/7 worldwide support
  • Dedicated service centre and support site
  • Web based GNSS planning tool and online system monitoring

Moving North 

Operating in rough waters and in areas far away from other infrastructure and resources, like in the Arctic, requires the very best setup to ensure safe operations.

The standard method of correction data delivery is by broadcast over the Fugro network of L-Band geostationary communication satellites. This is an extremely reliable and robust system, but geostationary satellites, located above the equator, have a coverage footprint which is limited to around 70 deg North using standard spot beam antennas.

The combination of our unique purpose-made L-Band antenna for low elevation satellites (AD-493 receives corrections up to 75° North) and our NTRIP solution delivered over VSAT, ensures that you obtain the right corrections beyond the normal coverage to maintain reliable and safe operations in the Arctic


To further improve the delivery of Fugro Starfix® corrections in high latitudes and Polar Regions, we have developed a service to deliver these corrections via the Iridium Communications Open Port Service. Iridium is a satellite communications system of more than 60 satellites in Low Earth Polar Orbit (LEO), at an altitude of approximately 800 km. In order to deliver these corrections we have generated a dedicated NTRIP Service optimised for communications systems with limited band width. This service contains optimised Starfix®.G2 orbit and clock corrections to allow vessels to obtain a precise GNSS PPP position.

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Support is provided 24/7, visit the Fugro Starfix® support site for more information.
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