Live operations monitoring and visualisation

Fugro’s live visualisation service improves field visibility, aids vessel, rig and drill string positioning and co-ordinates work operations offshore. Our DeepWorks Live software tracks and visualises the dynamic movement of assets in real-time helping to ensure the safety and accuracy of operational deployments and providing a recorded visual archive of the entire mission for post-mission reporting and analysis.

DeepWorks provides fast configuration of live telemetry inputs from the field including position information from vessels, ROVs, cables, drill strings and other mobile assets. The software is driven from live field data, previously recorded data or a blend of live and simulated data for more accurate position predictions.

An augmented reality subsea scene, showing assets and seabed topology, is created with multiple viewpoints to improve ROV situation awareness during navigation and to improve co-ordination between crane operators, deck handling teams, bridge teams and emergency response personnel, either on the vessel or based onshore. Separate viewers are located around the vessel, each of which can independently access the centrally recorded data from different viewpoints for immediate playback to confirm and validate operations just performed.

Multiple 3D visualisations aid long-range ROV pilot navigation and crane operations; proximity and other relationships between assets are displayed, monitored and alarmed as required. Dive or event markings are logged on the recorded timeline during or post-mission and these are used to compile a summary report of the mission.

DeepWorks Live is used for various applications including pipe and cable lay support, touchdown monitoring, CALM (Catenary Anchor Leg Monitoring) buoy initiations of umbilicals and flowlines and for riser replacement operations. Positioning sensors use common NMEA navigation formats so potentially any operation can be tracked and visualised.

  • Real-time field data visualisation and asset position monitoring
  • Visual report of actual operations performed
  • Preservation of field and engineering data for post-mission reviews and analysis
  • Evidence for contested liability

With our fully managed service, our standalone system is taken on site to vessels or rigs, connected to the LAN and operated by skilled Fugro surveyors. This provides immediate live visualisation featuring:

  • Multiple 3D views of the current subsea operation
  • Mission critical displays of key target parameters (such as proximity) which may be changed as required during the mission.
  • Remote viewers allowing different centres on vessels and rigs to view the same dataset simultaneously.
  • Reduced operation time due to better understanding.
  • Live views giving early warning of plan divergence.
  • Instant access to mission history as a recorded 3D timeline.

The recorded dataset effectively becomes a ‘black box’ flight record of the entire mission and is used for post-mission review, lessons learnt and planning of follow-up missions.

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