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Positioning Services

Positioning services

Fugro is a leading provider of marine asset positioning services, experienced in the time-critical planning and execution of offshore oil and gas exploration and development projects. 

Throughout the world, we combine our technological resources in order to undertake complex projects and deliver the highest standards of performance -this is what separates us from other surveying and positioning companies. 

By utilising our extensive in-house resources  we help clients plan and deliver their projects on time, on budget and safely. 

We support mobilisation by providing experienced electronics and logistics personnel, who inventory, clean, and test equipment before sending it out to the field.

Our positioning services are designed to support specific operations, always mindful of the important role of accuracy, efficiency and safety in the ultimate success of your project.

Our marine applications include:

Drilling Rig and Vessel Positioning

Drilling rig operations are high-cost activities requiring rapid deployments and minimal downtime. Our expert drilling rig and vessel positioning services are both cost- and time efficient.

Tug Management System

Fugro’s DRONE® is the premier remote navigation system for surveying projects such as rig moves, pipeline installation, and marine construction projects.

Liftboat Positioning

Our liftboat positioning services assist operators and vessel owners in getting to their target location safely and efficiently.

Permitting & Plat Services

We deliver professional and accurate services to meet offshore permitting requirements.

Multibeam Surveys

We ensure the accurate positioning and tracking of multibeam echosounders (MBEs) during seafloor and subsea asset surveys.

Pipelay Support Services

Our pipelay (rigid and flexible) support offers installation contractors a range of services to ensure that client specifications regarding rights-of-way, avoidance, obstructions and trenching are achieved. 

Remote survey services 

Office Assisted Remote Services (OARS) Command Centres are manned 24/7 by Fugro qualified surveyors, allowing for efficient monitoring and support of survey projects.

Scanning survey services 

Using the latest Multibeam and Echoscope® equipment, we scan the seafloor to create high resolution, 360 degree panoramic views. 

We offer a comprehensive range of surveys and positioning services to meet client needs in all water depths. While working in this challenging offshore environment and performing specialised tasks, our teams of Fugro professionals are committed to maintaining the highest safety standards. 


  • Experience to undertake complex, integrated projects
  • Global technological resources
  • R&D capability to offer innovative solutions
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Highly trained and experienced surveyors
  • Precise positioning 

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