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WinFrog is a comprehensive, real-time, integrated navigation, positioning and data acquisition software that provides solutions for surface and subsurface marine operations.

The core program provides real-time position and navigation, utilising input from a variety of devices, including GPS, gyros, sounders, USBL, cable plows and injectors, ROVs and their sensors, and cable data through either serial or Ethernet communications. It enables the operator to define multiple vehicles, each having its own devices, names, offsets, tracks and shapes. In addition, data can be output through industry standard NMEA or customised formats.

WinFrog has several optional add-on modules that allow this robust platform to be customised to suit your needs.

Multiple Vehicle Positioning and Telemetry

The Multiple Vehicle Positioning and Telemetry module supports a wireless Token Ring telemetry network for inter-vessel communications. This enables multiple vessels equipped with WinFrog to monitor and track all vehicles within the network - including active waypoints - and to exchange files.

Controlled Remote

The Controlled Remote module supports control of a local WinFrog by a WinFrog Controller located on another vessel via the wireless Token Ring telemetry network. It features anchor and fairlead control to support operations on work and anchor boats without a surveyor.


The Multibeam module supports logging of multibeam bathymetric, position, attitude and heave data to XTF and S7K files, and generation of coverage maps for monitoring multibeam operations.

Cable Management

The Cable Management module supports cable modelling for surface laying cable operations.

WinFrog combines surface navigation and underwater positioning into one cost-effective package designed to be flexible and customised to meet users’ various needs.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Modular format provides options for a tailored package
  • Supported by dedicated development team to allow incorporation of additional features and devices
  • Field-proven solution for a range of marine applications

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