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OARS® provides centralised command centres throughout the world with direct access to offshore survey projects. The system allows for optimisation of survey crew size, client engagement and access to Fugro’s subject matter experts around the world.

OARS® Command Centres are manned 24/7 by Fugro qualified surveyors, allowing for efficient monitoring and support of survey projects. Each survey project is equipped with innovative technology and Fugro’s software suite, with direct connection to the OARS® Command Centre. The entire survey suite can be operated remotely by command centre staff or can operate independently of the command centre via a purpose-built touchscreen navigation interface for vessel personnel.

Communication with the OARS® Command Centre is available 24/7. Fugro phones and headsets onboard the vessel provide direct connection to the command centre, enabling verbal collaboration regarding status, project plan and amendments.

Remote client monitoring of the survey project is available to the client from any computer or tablet with an internet connection through a secure web browser interface to the OARS® based project.

OARS® provides increased quality control and efficiency to offshore survey projects through:

  • Continuous, real-time, 24/7 monitoring and support of projects
  • Optimisation of survey crew size on suitable projects, with the OARS® Command Centre taking over the role of the offshore surveyor, thereby reducing vessel POB level, HSE exposure and logistical requirements for personnel mobilisation
  • Intuitive built for purpose client user interface
  • Real-time client access for remote monitoring of survey projects, thereby improving project planning, execution and QC of project data
  • Timely decision making via remote access to survey projects
  • Prompt interpretation/QC of data by Fugro reporting data centres
  • Access to Fugro’s subject matter experts around the world
  • Increased resiliency via dual redundant system with automatic failover built in
  • Utilisation of cloud servers allows for auto failover of the OARS® Command Centre in the event of a natural disaster thereby ensuring continuous uninterrupted service on the offshore survey project
  • The survey suite onboard the vessel continues to function independently of the OARS® Command Centre in the event of a loss of communications between the vessel and the command centre.  Historical data is automatically uploaded to the OARS® Command Centre upon restoration of the communication link

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