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Our InclinoCam® technology improves installation at offshore wind farms, so your project can benefit from highly accurate real-time verticality measurements. This allows quick and efficient placement of wind turbines.

Verticality is crucial for offshore wind turbines. The patented InclinoCam® system is the most accurate verticality monitoring instrument available.

We developed the InclinoCam to replace inaccurate, time-consuming and costly manual measuring systems and eliminate the associated HSE risks. The InclinoCam achieves continuous verticality measurements using digital video cameras and intelligent visual object recognition software. The user-friendly interface provides the operator with intuitive information about the inclination, so verticality can be corrected. The system also allows piling operations to continue during adverse weather conditions and at night.

InclinoCam® technology is based on image recognition of monopile outlines. Two high-resolution all-weather digital video cameras are mounted on the construction vessel at an angle between 70° and 110° from each other, pointing at the monopile.

Each camera is connected to an inertial motion unit (IMU) to account for vessel dynamics. The camera images and IMU data are accurately time stamped and synchronised using our StarPort technology and then received and processed in our Starfix.NG navigation suite.

The information is visualised in a real-time bull’s eye graph. By using our hardware and software, it is easy to integrate into a wider range of Fugro services.

The system is compact and consists of a basic spread of two InclinoCam® sets with a spare set for redundancy. Simple to deploy, it can be operated independently by one of our operators. Alternatively, you can choose for it to be integrated with our positioning services.

The InclinoCam offers:

Continuous real-time information

  • No downtime for measuring
  • Direct feedback for the operator
  • Better verticality as inclination can be corrected directly
  • Digital object recognition
  • High accuracy (up to 0.1º and better)
  • All-weather operation with no HSE issues
  • Independent, objective and retraceable information

Intuitive, visual interface

  • Easy-to-use
  • Informative for operators
  • Live video: irregularities are easily noticed

Flexible Compact System

  • Easily deployed worldwide
  • Mobilisation at short notice
  • Fits onto all piling vessels

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