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PilotSTAR Berthing Aid System (BAS)

Our PilotSTAR berthing aid system provides positioning assistance during tanker offloading operations with a CALM buoy or in tandem with an FSO/FPSO to help improve safety and reduce the risk of collision.

By providing precise real-time positioning and heading data, combined with metocean data, the Fugro PilotSTAR berthing aid system is able to give vessel pilots advanced warning of conditions that may affect the movement and motion of the vessel. This allows appropriate action to be taken to keep the vessel on course and within operational safety margins.

PilotSTAR is based on a GPS/GLONASS receiver with a built-in moving base line solution algorithm feed that comes with Starfix RTCM corrections.

It consists of two fully autonomous lightweight pods, which the pilot places on the tanker’s bridge wings; plus a pilot case containing a ruggedized laptop, which runs the navigation and data pilot software, and an optional AIS receiver to display the position of other vessels in the area.

Working in tandem with permanent metocean and hawser tension monitoring equipment installed on the CALM buoy/FPSO/FSO, the PilotSTAR software calculates precise positioning and heading data based on real-time kinematics and moving base line algorithms.

Key Features

The key features of the Fugro Pilot Star Berthing Aid System are:

  • Light and portable equipment 
  • Rugged reinforced components for long term durability and reliability 
  • Lightning proof
  • Quick and easy installation 
  • User friendly software 
  • Integration of AIS information and metocean sensors 
  • Virtual Unlimited Autonomy (Hot swappable battery)
  • High durability and non-explosive NiMH battery pack
  • Sub decimetre position accuracy 
  • 0.01 degrees accuracy in the azimuth determination 
  • Sensitive enough to highlight slow speed motion 
  • Multi-baseline determination 
  • Integration of metocean data 
  • Integration of hawser tension data
  • Integration of specific client data
  • Configurable alarms
  • ATEX
  • Improves safety during all phases of loading operations
  • Reduces the risk of collisions and related costs
  • Records all data during operations
  • Effective and reliable
  • Worldwide local support

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