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Our web-based service provides instant access to metocean and weather window statistics at any given site, using simple and effective analyses of historical data.

Successful and accurate tendering, efficient planning and effective weather risk management for offshore projects requires quick and easy access to reliable metocean metrics and weather window analysis.

The Fugro Metocean Planner® provides instant access to global wind and wave data. Easy to use and offering both operational metocean statistics and weather window analysis, the data is presented in a concise format and can be downloaded to your desktop.

By using the planner, users will be able to mitigate risk, minimise cost and optimise uptime.

Features of Fugro Metocean Planner®:

  • Instant access to metocean metrics and weather window analysis
  • 10-year global wind and wave data set at 0.5o resolution
  • Web-based portal
  • Shape file (.shp) layer ingestion
  • Multi-point selection
  • Online payment system accepting all major credit and debit cards
  • Clear and concise graphics on your desktop
  • Monthly and annual analysis
  • Export graphics and reports
  • Historical archive of purchases
  • Live chat and 24-hour support, 365 days a year

With the choice of weather window analysis and three different service levels for operational data, the Fugro Metocean Planner® can assist with the planning of numerous offshore operations and commercial activities.

Whether in the initial tendering or construction phases, or planning logistics for operations and maintenance, the planner provides instant access to weather window analysis and metocean metrics.

The planner supports those involved in offshore operations at all phases of the project’s lifecycle, in areas such as:

  • Tendering and commercial – Metocean metrics and weather window analysis provides clear insights to help estimate potential project downtime and uptime.
  • Planning and scheduling – Project timelines and the planning of resources can be improved by better site characterisation. Use the tools in this platform to identify site climatology and plan timelines.
  • Project management – use this tool to help mitigate the adverse financial impact of weather on operations and to assist with weather risk management.
  • Deployment – Safer deployment of your equipment and vessels through improved understanding of offshore metocean conditions.
  • Logistics - Plan for adverse metocean conditions that can disrupt logistical operations and assign the right resources for your operational needs.

Fugro Metocean Planner® delivers instant access to metocean metrics and weather window analysis to your desktop. The web platform has been designed with ease of use in mind and provides the following benefits:

  • Minimise cost – The planner simplifies metocean metrics and weather window analysis allowing users to ensure project resources are being utilised effectively.
  • Mitigate risk – to mitigate the adverse impact of weather on project operations allowing activities to operate safely through better planning.
  • Optimise uptime – By providing access to weather window analysis users can balance the overestimating of uptime and underestimating of downtime which can often be costly to a project.
  • Increase safety – Failure to plan for offshore operations introduces risk. Using monthly and annual metrics and weather window analysis can lead to effective weather risk management and therefore an increase of safety levels.

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