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NorthStar Hull Structure Monitoring System measures structural responses and hull condition, such as cracks and fatigue problems, that typically lead to costly unplanned intervention and maintenance activities. The system continuously monitors hull structural integrity to enable safe and efficient offshore production and storage operations.

Real-time hull advisory monitoring

When real-life conditions deviate from structural design assumptions, FPS assets can experience advanced deterioration or structural failure. Once stationed, floating production systems cannot drydock and undergo maintenance so, over time, structural issues can develop which can threaten asset integrity. Therefore, hull monitoring is essential to ensure safe and continued operations.

Fugro’s NorthStar Hull Structure Monitoring System incorporates a range of advanced instrumentation that captures precise data on the integrity of the asset and its surrounding environment. This includes pressure sensors to measure the wave forces on the hull, strain sensors to measure stress on the structure, and metocean conditions (wave and wind). It is an advisory system designed to operate without requiring your input and it interfaces with the vessel’s loading computer for real-time insights on the asset’s operational state. It offers bespoke data handling capabilities, data displays, and alarm functionalities that can be tailored to your project requirements.

Continuously monitoring hull structural integrity, NorthStar Hull Structure Monitoring System acquires structural data which records the hull condition and identifies potential deterioration to ensure safety and operational efficiency.

Fugro’s NorthStar Hull Structure Monitoring System can be used in combination with additional NorthStar services for enhanced floating production systems integrity monitoring.

  • Improved asset and environmental safety through real-time warnings on hull stresses, allowing for timely intervention and risk mitigation by crew
  • Reduced maintenance costs and faster annual class surveys attained through continuous monitoring of hull condition
  • Asset life extension and redeployment achieved through long-term data acquisition and analysis of hull’s structural performance

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