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NorthStar Excursion Monitoring System accurately measures the position and orientation of FPS assets, which are visualised on a display to provide real-time insights into asset station-keeping. Early detection of hazards and uncharacteristic movements provides advanced warning that enables timely and proactive intervention by crew for cost-effective risk mitigation.

Accurate excursion monitoring solution

Our Excursion Monitoring System incorporates Starfix™ differential global navigation satellite system (DGNSS), which delivers reliable and accurate sub-decimetre positioning information. The system comprises twin DGNSS receivers that compute both heading and position. The DGNSS data are converted into accurate local coordinates and the surveyed position is displayed in real time on a dedicated system. Alarm thresholds, data archives and analysis reports can be tailored to project requirements.

Anchored in place

The only way to protect against all safety hazards is to monitor FPS position in real-time but most assets are only equipped with low-accuracy navigational GPS units. Fugro’s NorthStar Excursion Monitoring System continuously monitors the position of the FPS in real-time to provide early detection of excursion hazards.

Providing accurate insights on asset station-keeping performance, our Excursion Monitoring System is based on patented technology and ensures reliable and efficient production, while reducing cost and risk for FPS excursion.

Our Excursion Monitoring System can be used in combination with additional NorthStar services for enhanced FPS asset integrity monitoring.

  • Accurate real-time insights provide early detection of excursion hazards and mooring failures to ensure riser integrity and avoid collision risks
  • Optimised reuse of existing onboard instrumentation for a cost-effective and retrofit-friendly solution
  • Efficient deployment of the monitoring system on assets in the shipyard or offshore
  • Maximised asset uptime with a modular system tailored to asset needs which captures and analyses critical real-time asset information

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