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Our NorthStar Environment Monitoring System acquires and integrates real time data on meteorological conditions, sea state and weather forecast, in order to monitor the quality of the environment. The data provides an accurate and holistic overview of environmental conditions that impact asset uptime and enables you to monitor any parameter required for your project.

One-stop environment monitoring solution

Floating Production Systems are deployed in remote locations and harsh environments, continuously impacted by the action of wind, waves and currents over their lifetimes. Common challenges associated with the environment include short-term uncertainty in prevailing conditions that impact daily operations, structural overload by extreme weather events, and long-term wear and tear. Access to reliable in situ metocean data helps mitigate and avoid such asset integrity risks.

Given the complex nature of metocean processes, monitoring the environment can involve simultaneous measurement of numerous physical parameters in real time. Meeting such a challenge requires a comprehensive marine instrumentation system, rigorous data management standards and easy access to data, both locally and remotely.

Fugro’s NorthStar Environment Monitoring System contains a range of sensors that analyses and reports on key meteorological and oceanographic parameters in real time. The system displays environmental information on the local network and is remotely accessible to support field operations. The system enables sharing of data critical to asset performance, such as vessel motions, mooring tension and hydrocarbon process parameters, by interfacing with the integrated control and safety system. Our environment monitoring system can further improve operational planning through the consolidation of metocean data from surrounding assets and integration of weather forecasts. A data logger archives historical information on wind, wave and current conditions which enables statistical analysis for design verification and asset life extension.

NorthStar Environment Monitoring System can be used in combination with additional NorthStar services for enhanced FPS asset integrity monitoring.

  • Increased operational efficiency as weather-sensitive operations such as heavy lifts, berthing and subsea operations can be more accurately scheduled
  • Improved safety as site-specific environmental data improve the accuracy of weather forecasts
  • Reduced costs from a cloud-based platform that allows offshore personnel, shore support teams and field vessels to use a single source of information for marine operations

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