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Our NorthStar™ Berthing Aid System is a high-precision portable positioning system. It enables safer and faster offloading and berthing operations from floating production systems (FPS) to help prevent loss of station-keeping, reduce collision risk, and avoid hydrocarbon release.

The Berthing Aid System captures and integrates accurate data on metocean conditions, hawser tensions, relative position of shuttle tankers and offloading buoys in real time. It provides a comprehensive overview of prevailing conditions enabling you to make proactive decisions that prevent loss of station-keeping, reduce collision risk, and avoid hydrocarbon release from ruptured floating hoses.

Plug-and-play berthing solution

Fugro’s NorthStar Berthing Aid System contains two portable Global Navigation Satellite Systems beacons that are deployed by the pilot on the bridge wing of any approaching shuttle tanker. The beacons communicate with a system on the floating, production, storage and offloading unit (FPSO) which calculates relative positioning based on real time kinematics and moving baseline algorithms. Real time monitoring enables you to have control over safety and protection of the environment, as well as reduced operational costs and potential damage. 

The system is lightning-proof and features a hot swappable battery allowing for virtually unlimited operation. Position accuracy up to subdecimeter level is achievable, as it uses highly precise position and heading sensors. The system is also sensitive enough to detect slow drift motions typical of calm sea conditions during offloading. The system can be upgraded to a full NorthStar Environment Monitoring System incorporating wave, current and weather forecast data to better manage marine operations. The system can be integrated onto a variety of existing system configurations, so you can be assured you will have accurate insight for safe and efficient operations.

By providing a detailed overview of how a vessel’s berthing or unberthing manoeuvre is proceeding in real time, the NorthStar Berthing Aid System helps you manage the simultaneous production and offloading operations from a FPSO, whilst executing the safe berthing and unberthing of the shuttle tanker and coordinating movements. Precise and integrated real time positioning and heading data, combined with metocean data, minimise human error and mitigate risks that can lead to incidents.

The NorthStar Berthing Aid System can also be used in combination with additional NorthStar services for enhanced FPS asset integrity monitoring.

  • Reduced collision risk and enhanced situational awareness through real-time integration of environmental data with station-keeping performance
  • Increased operational efficiency with ‘plug and play’ portable sensors that can be deployed by pilots on any shuttle tanker or field vessel
  • Maximised asset uptime with a modular system tailored to asset needs which captures and analyses critical real-time asset information

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