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Fugro NorthStar™ Anchor Line Monitoring System provides cost-effective risk mitigation through accurate, real time validation of the structural integrity of mooring lines for floating production systems. By monitoring line inclination, tension and asset position our Anchor Line Monitoring System provides instant structural data and reports mooring line failure, allowing for timely and proactive intervention.

Mooring operational risks

Mooring lines are prone to deterioration and failure over their lifetime and the risk of undetected structural issues incurs significant operational and maintenance costs. Fugro’s Anchor Line Monitoring System combined with regular inspections, allows potential failures to be identified much sooner. A central system, with high alert function, delivers real time insights allowing you to stay informed of the asset’s performance on a continuous basis.

Cost-effective mooring line monitoring

Our NorthStar Anchor Line Monitoring System has been specifically designed for operations in hazardous areas and is easily installed resulting in no operational downtime. The robust inclination sensors are mounted directly onto the mooring line and are protected by durable casings, so that data can be safely transmitted back to the data logger and operations control room.

Enhancing safety

The continuous, real time monitoring of the anchor mooring system enables you to prevent or mitigate risks of excessive excursion that lead to significant damage to the asset and surrounding environment and actively improve the safety and protection of personnel on the vessels/offshore.

The system can be used in combination with additional NorthStar services for enhanced FPS asset integrity monitoring.

  • Improved personnel and asset safety through instantaneous warnings on mooring line failures, allowing for timely intervention and risk mitigation by crew
  • Increased operational efficiency with sensors that are designed to be retrofitted without the need for mooring chain disconnection and production downtime
  • Reliable system that does not require regular recalibration compared to conventional load-cell systems
  • Optimised operational cost achieved through accelerated hook-up operations, annual class surveys, and risk-based underwater inspection programmes

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