Monitoring and Forecasting


NorthStar™ is an integrated marine management and advisory solution created by Fugro to monitor multiple data systems and improve the performance, efficiency and safety of floating production assets.

Offshore Structural Monitoring

World-class systems and services to measure and monitor offshore structures and risers, extending operating life and improve safety and efficiency.

Offshore Weather Forecasting Services

Reliable weather forecast services for efficient planning and informed decision-making in the offshore energy and marine sectors and building and construction industry.


Our 3Direct® technology offers a safe method of monitoring offshore structural installation in real time.


Our SEAWATCH system is an integrated real-time environmental monitoring and information systems for oceans, rivers and lakes.

Helideck Monitoring System (HMS)

Our helideck monitoring system provides reliable information on helideck motion and weather conditions required during pre-flight planning and continually during the flight.

PilotSTAR Berthing Aid System (BAS)

Our PilotSTAR berthing aid system provides positioning assistance during tanker offloading operations with a CALM buoy or in tandem with an FSO/FPSO to help improve safety and reduce the risk of collision.

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