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Roames advanced simulations predict environment and asset behaviour changes. These insights allow less conservative asset condition assessment and further offshore program optimisation.


Roames provides seabed dynamics analysis, combining local soil composition, historical and forecast metocean conditions and surveyed observations of the assets. This allows accurate prediction of sandwave migration, free-span severity assessment, predictive simulation and remediation advice.

Intuitive 3D visualisation is provided through Roames’ virtual world, giving the current status of subsea assets. Instant data availability and simulation is enabled through Roames’ analytics to facilitate effective decision-making, delivery and action.

The Roames Advantage

  • Reduced predictive inspections and maintenance.
  • Reduced forced asset failures.
  • Better targeted maintenance campaigns.
  • Fewer field visits through desktop audit.
  • Reduced span rectification through realistic fatigue calculations.
  • Asset life extension.

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