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Roames collaborates with engineering partners to provide services that improve efficient and cost-effective pipeline design, management and operation.

Roames dynamically models different operating scenarios through the physics-based simulation core of its 3D virtual world.

These scenario simulations provide engineering information on structural and environmental conditions. When combined with the high quality source data and the engineering expertise of our partners this enables  more accurate information for less conservative approach to pipeline condition assessment.

Simulation scenarios can include, the condition and status of pipelines either buried or unearthed during storms, or under pressurisation and heat impact.

The Roames Advantage

  • Avoided inefficient field practices associated with poor data
  • More accurate and less conservative pipeline condition assessment
  • Reduced or eliminated repair costs by targeted maintenance campaigns
  • Reduced trench backfill, replacement, maintenance and span rectification
  • Reduced forced asset failures
  • Desktop inspection and auditing tools reduce field inspection visits

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