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Construction support

With our survey, measurement and intervention services we can support the installation of your offshore structures, windfarms, pipelines and production facilities. Using our innovative solutions, we can save you time and significantly improve the safety of your operations.

Safe and successful offshore construction operations rely on precise, assured and reliable data concerning surface and subsurface locations and status. This is especially true in harsh environments and challenging conditions.

Securing the right support services can benefit your project when it comes to critical time, cost and performance objectives. Fugro provides comprehensive offshore field development, construction support and pipeline survey services designed to meet your specific offshore construction requirements.

Our construction survey support services include:

  • Pipelay positioning and touchdown monitoring
  • Construction barge and support vessel positioning
  • Anchor handling support
  • Structure installation guidance
  • Acoustic underwater positioning
  • ROV survey sensors and system integrations
  • ROV inertial navigation
  • Jumper and Spool piece metrology
  • Dedicated ROV support vessels
  • Project management

Pipelay Support

Accurate site information is essential for successful installation of offshore rigid or flexible pipelines. Fugro supports your pipeline installation project, ensuring that we meet your specifications relating to rights-of-way, avoidance of obstructions, pipeline crossings and trenching. Our proprietary databases of major oil and gas basins contain volumes of geographic information concerning existing facilities, pipelines, wells and hazards for offshore field developments. We draw upon this invaluable information to help plan your project and to ensure safe operations.

State-of-the-art support vessels, equipped with ROVs, are integral elements of our comprehensive support services for pipelay operations.

Pipelay support services include:

  • Lay barge positioning and remote monitoring of anchor drop locations
  • Pipeline touchdown monitoring
  • Pipe catenary modelling software and simulations
  • Pipeline trench profiling for buried lines
  • Positioning of mattresses for pipeline crossings
  • Sonar monitoring of pipeline crossings during lay operations
  • Positioning of pipeline end terminations (PLET) within target boxes
  • Post-lay surveys
  • As-built surveys and pipeline depth of cover surveys

Trenching Support

For your excavation projects and burial of subsea facilities, Fugro provides integrated survey support. This includes pipeline trench profiling for buried pipelines, flowlines or power cables to ensure that depth of cover is achieved, measurements for rock dumping, protection of seabed facilities and measurements of seabed excavations used for protection from iceberg scour in Arctic regions.

Our proprietary ‘Seastriper’ system combines laser and vision techniques for accurate trench profiling.  In locations of dredging activities or in low visibility conditions, we offer acoustic techniques to give you a real-time immersive 3D visualisation of the subsea scene.

Trenching support services include:

  • Pre-trench surveys
  • Underwater visualisation solutions
  • Jet and mechanical trenching systems, including vessels and crews
  • Real-time trench monitoring and measurement

Jacket, pile, topside installation

Our precise positioning, survey support and monitoring services are relied on for operations such as the tow out of structures, installation of platforms and jackets, and installation of monopiles for wind farms. We offer project planning using 3D simulations, structural modelling and 3D visualisation monitoring during critical operational phases, such as float-over positioning for decks on jackets, or load-outs of structures where tight tolerances are involved.

Jacket, pile and topside installation services include:

  • Load-outs and tow-outs of structures where tight tolerances are involved
  • Remote inclination measurement of monopiles for wind-farms
  • Float-over positioning for decks on jackets
  • Subsidence surveys to detect differential movement across structures
  • Precision water level surveys

Subsea metrology

Fugro’s subsea metrology service provides extremely accurate in situ measurement between pipeline flanges to guide the rigid link-engineering of spool-pieces and jumpers. Our surveyors use the most advanced measuring systems to ensure absolute precision in three dimensions and in marine environments that range from acoustically challenging shallow water to harsh conditions in deep water.

Our survey teams are equipped to meet the challenges of your demanding projects with robust, field-proven long baseline acoustic hardware, proprietary software and efficient work processes. To guarantee that spools and jumpers will fit when installed offshore we also provide dimensional control services at fabrication yards.

Subsea metrology services include:

  • 3D acoustic metrology
  • Subsea video and laser mapping solutions
  • Dimensional control services
  • Project management

Asset Integrity surveys and Inspection

As offshore energy fields mature, and assets and infrastructure age, we recognise the importance of monitoring and maintaining the integrity of your assets.

Fugro is at the forefront of inspection and survey technology. With a range of precise subsea measurement solutions, we work with you to provide the best technology for conditions at your site, taking account of measurement tolerances and accessibility. We integrate sensors from different manufacturers to provide optimum solutions and innovate with new technology where existing products don’t meet your requirements.

Our services address maintenance requirements during the entire life of field developments. Surveys of subsea facilities, mooring lines and pipelines, detect damage, wear, corrosion and movement over time.

Our project management and data management services together with change detection for risk based inspection methods help to avoid downtime, reduce maintenance costs and protect the environment.

Asset integrity services include:

  • Out-of-straightness surveys
  • Anode inspections and cathodic protection surveys
  • Wear and scour through interaction of mooring lines and risers at the seabed
  • Pipeline integrity surveys
  • Damage assessment surveys
  • Deformation analysis and seabed forensic work
  • Upheaval buckling of pipelines, horizontal movements and freespan detection surveys
  • Change detection of seabed assets over time

Decommissioning services

From production life assessments and decommissioning strategies to the planning and removal of infrastructure and the restoration of former production sites, Fugro has the expertise and resources to carry out decommissioning, deconstruction salvage and site reinstatement operations of any size and complexity.

We provide detailed surveys of structures to be removed, 3D models and simulations for planning removals, survey support for well plug and abandonment and clearance surveys following structural removals to demonstrate site restoration.

We are renowned for developing innovative solutions to enhance safety, cost-efficiency and environmental protection during decommissioning activities, and maintain a detailed log of cut locations, conductor statuses and wet-stored items as well as any other significant items located or moved.  We provide this information to you in detailed field reports, as major changes happen within the environment or as required by you.

With the removal of non-producing offshore oil and gas platforms highlighting the need for an application to optimise the planning and execution of decommissioning operations, Fugro developed the DeepCut application within the DeepWorks suite. This software application provides visualisation for planning and executing the deconstruction, salvage and decommissioning of offshore oil and gas production platforms.

Decommissioning services include:

  • Subsea acoustic pipeline inspection services
  • Precise positioning to track divers, ROVs and down-lines
  • Resource cataloguing
  • Visualisation software to plan and execute decommissioning and salvage
  • Site clearance confirmation surveys

With innovation as a key component of our success, we are recognised as leaders in the provision of offshore field development and construction support services. Wherever your underwater assets are located, we provide cost-effective inspection solutions through a combination of experienced management teams, qualified personnel, specialist equipment and innovative technology.

  • State-of-the-art, purpose-built vessels
  • One of the world’s largest fleets of workclass and inspection class ROVs
  • Pioneering software and technology to support and enhance pipelay operations
  • In-house subsea tooling division for bespoke solutions
  • Experienced offshore and subsea crews and highly-trained IRM experts
  • Fully-certified inspection techniques and procedures

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