We provide state-of-the-art and traditional deep foundation testing services with a focus on enabling foundation design optimisation and assurance of long-term performance together with assurance of deep foundation suitability in even the most complex site conditions and loading scenarios.

Geotechnical and foundation engineering

We provide the most comprehensive range of testing services for all types of geotechnical and foundation engineering projects around the world, extending from full scale static loading tests using O-cell® bi‑directional arrangements and traditional loading techniques under computer control through to high strain dynamic loading, acoustic and thermal integrity tests.

Through research and development over more than 45 years, the science of load testing has been redefined around the world making it safer and more effective. Full scale testing can unlock huge potential for value engineering and optimisation of foundation designs, resulting in significant cost savings and efficient foundations.  Engineers and owners around the world look to Fugro to provide confidence and value in their foundations.

  • O-cell® (Osterberg Cell®) bi-directional static load testing – simultaneously perform a full scale static loading test on two sections of the same foundation significantly reducing testing costs and improving safety by eliminating the need for kentledge, reaction piles and reaction beams. Test loads of 3MN to over 300 MN can be applied safely within the foundation element.
  • RIM-Cell® proof test – a relatively inexpensive quality assurance tool installed in production shafts/piles. Bi-directional loading is performed using the shaft itself as part of the pressure vessel. The RIM-Cell®’s economy, speed of deployment and unique results are un-matched among other methods of post stressing or base improvement.
  • Top down and Lateral load testing – Fugro can provide jacks and instrumentation and fully automated testing services for traditional top loading tests. We also provide full testing services for lateral load tests.
  • Split lateral modulus testing – O-cells® are embedded in a pile or other foundation element perpendicular to the shaft axis. Loads are applied in the lateral direction and the two shaft halves are expanded into the soil or rock. Analysis of this test is more complex than analysis of a traditional lateral load test.
  • SoniCaliper™ – Provides a full 3D profiling and verticality of deep foundation excavations for pile or barrettes prior to cage insertion and concreting.
  • Cross-hole Sonic Logging (CHSL OR CSL) – Fugro has decades of experience in performing and analysing CSL testing and provides a full interpretation consultancy service.
  • Integrity Testing (PIT or SIT) – Fugro has many years of experience performing low strain integrity testing using various methods. Directly or through one of our local offices Fugro can provide a variety of foundation integrity testing services, analysis or expert advice and consulting.
  • Thermal Integrity Profiling (TIP) – Uses the heat generated by curing cement to assess the quality of bored piles, continuous flight auger or driven/displacement cast-in-place piles. TIP evaluates the integrity of the entire cross-section throughout the complete length of the foundation element and can assist in identifying positioning of reinforcement. It may also be used for quality control and shape evaluation of jet grouting, slurry walls and diaphragm walls.
  • High strain dynamic testing – pile driving analysis (PDA) and dynamic load testing (DLT) and most other types of high strain dynamic testing.
  • Consultancy - With many years experience of pile testing techniques in general and over 25 years of bi-directional static load testing, Fugro can offer expert advice, design and independent analysis of test results.

Our specialised technicians provide independent, third-party installation monitoring services which meet process industry practices (PIP) and requirements of other standard specifications. Whether the foundation components are drilled shafts, augered cast-in-place (ACIP) piles, concrete, steel, timber or composite driven piles, screw piles barrettes, or micropiles, our installation reports give you daily work summaries and detailed pile installation and test records. We understand the importance of soil conditions to foundation performance and pay strict attention to drilling activities and/or blow count trends for comparison with design assumptions.

Our experience includes large and prestigious civil engineering projects such as buildings, bridges, ports and harbours, dams, wind farms and heavy engineering plants, metros and subway developments, for both the public and private sectors.

O-cell® Load Testing

The Osterberg Cell® has radically changed the way foundation load tests are designed, performed and interpreted, replacing small test shafts, the result of scaling down because of the enormous expense of conventionally testing large diameter shafts. Non-conservative scaling errors can be eliminated by testing the full size production shafts, even if loads exceed 220 MN (50,000 kips).

Numerous world records have been set using the O-cell®, including the current world record of 320MN (72,600 kips) set in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Many ultra-high capacity piles and monopiles are being designed today as a direct result of our ability to test these piles.

We have been involved in world-class projects in over 60 countries and our specialised resources include:

  • World's largest international load test database. We leverage the knowledge we have amassed to help design the optimal load test programme and ultimately the most efficient deep foundation. This helps to manage geotechnical risk; a significant benefit to your project
  • State-of-the-art technology, such as the O-cell®, providing more accurate data and reducing costs during and after construction
  • Extensive knowledge of soil interaction, allowing our engineers to better understand how foundations will perform
  • Our staff include some of the recognised world experts in the field of foundation testing
  • A network of offices around the globe, enabling us to mobilise to your project site, no matter how remote

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