Software development

We have developed numerous software tools that support a range of engineering design areas and increase the efficiency of geotechnical dataflow.

Our suite of design software has been developed over many years, with constant updates and extensions to reflect recent industry developments and to provide additional features to meet client needs.

The development of software by our team is driven by key factors, including:

  • Response to Industry Requirements – Delivering a timely and quality solution to your technical query. Our software can be tailored to satisfy the requirements of a particular project and we work closely with you to assure you of a robust and useful solution.
  • Conversion of Consulting and Research Experience into Engineering Design Tools – Combining comprehensive analysis tools with first hand advice from key members of our team who have been instrumental in developing the analysis methods represented.
  • Delivery of a Quality Product in an Efficient and Timely Manner – Creating powerful software allows us to dramatically decrease the time required to manipulate data and perform engineering calculations.

Our software development follows a thorough process, with checks performed on new and updated programmes (including hand calculations and verification using other software), version control maintained and proper training of staff prior to use.

Our impressive suite of engineering and data management software covers many aspects of our consulting business. Two key developments are:

SAGE Profile - A subsea pipeline analyser tool that includes pipeline route optimisation, realistic simulation of the pipe-laying process, on-bottom stress calculations, prediction of buckling, expansion analysis and free span evaluation.

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