Post construction and installation and Brownfield studies

We provide an extensive range of asset management services for the maintenance, upgrade and disposal of assets in a cost-efficient manner, ensuring optimum performance throughout their lifecycle.

To ensure that a structure or facility performs as intended, Fugro supports your inspection and monitoring programmes, providing input, analysing and interpreting data and delivering recommendations.

Over the course of an asset’s useful life, we conduct studies on facility upgrades and extensions, and when an asset approaches the end of its lifecycle, our decommissioning or disposal studies carry a strong focus on exploring possibilities for re-use.

Our asset management services support both onshore and offshore facilities and include:

  • Input to Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM) programmes – Developing inspection schemes to monitor performance of existing structures and ground movements.
  • Interpretation and Assessment of Monitoring Data – Analysing and interpreting monitoring data with a strong focus on identifying anomalies before they become problems.
  • Facility Life Extension Projects – For brownfield sites our studies have a strong emphasis on upgrades or extensions to existing facilities and structures.
  • Removal and Decommissioning Studies, Including Potential for Re-use – Conducting decommissioning studies on major structures and facilities, reducing cost and risk, and adding value by exploring and exploiting the potential for re-use.

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