Earthquake engineering

Fugro has the unique ability to perform all aspects of an earthquake engineering programme with our own recognised experts in seismic geology, seismology and geophysics. We have developed tools and skills to conduct advanced numerical analyses, with appropriately calibrated and validated models. Efficient and reliable evaluation of seismically induced demands helps to optimise designs and offer cost-effective solutions.

We provide a full range of geologic hazard and earthquake engineering services with a fully integrated approach.  We differentiate our services in these principal areas:

  • Entire Spectrum of Earthquake Services – Our services span the entire range: site exploration; data interpretation and geohazards assessment; engineering evaluation of the consequences of geohazards on structures using state of the art numerical methods; and recommendations for design.  We have the unique ability to perform all aspects of an earthquake engineering programme entirely in-house and our team includes recognised experts in the fields of seismic geology, seismology, geophysics and earthquake engineering.
  • Highly Specialised Earthquake Group – Our seismic experts are highly specialised - most hold the highest academic qualifications in earthquake engineering and have made significant contributions to research. Our objective is to remain at the forefront of earthquake engineering and to shape the state of the art in this field.
  • Cutting Edge (1D, 2D and 3D) Dynamic Numerical Modelling Capabilities – Our unique numerical modelling capabilities enable us to conduct performance-based design.  We have developed the tools and skills to conduct advanced numerical analyses, with appropriately calibrated and validated models and to evaluate seismically induced demands efficiently and reliably. We strive to help optimise designs and deliver cost-effective solutions.

Earthquake hazard assessment represents a critical aspect for site selection, suitability evaluation and safe design; it is also a focal point in project licensing and public concern. The importance of careful earthquake hazard characterisation has been highlighted by numerous catastrophic events and failures (such as the Fukushima nuclear incident and Indonesian tsunami). Population concentration combined with growth in geologically active regions and along coastal margins has heightened the exposure and risk to people and to the built environment.  Changes in earth dynamics due to global sea level rise and increased human-induced effects (such as oil and gas development, large reservoir impoundment) require increased consideration of the latest earth survey data and time-dependent effects.

Our technical expertise in earthquake engineering includes:

  • Geologic and geomorphologic mapping
  • Fault evaluation and paleoseismic studies
  • Sophisticated geochronologic dating
  • Regional to site-specific air, land and seaborne geophysical surveys
  • Integrated site geotechnical characterisation including field testing
  • Geodetic/seismic instrumentation and monitoring
  • Field and numerical tsunami evaluation
  • Site-specific seismotectonic models
  • Earthquake research and microzonation
  • Probabilistic seismic hazard analyses (PSHA) and time histories
  • Development of design spectra and ground motions
  • Site response evaluations (equivalent linear, nonlinear, effective stress, RVT)
  • Dynamic slope stability
  • Liquefaction analyses and mitigation
  • Soil-structure interaction analyses
  • Direct fault rupture hazard
  • Foundation design
  • Advanced numerical modelling using ‘Finite Element’ and ‘Finite Difference’ software
  • Project licensing support
  • Sophisticated seismic and engineering software development and application

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