Early stage studies

For the early stages of project development, Fugro offers a combination of geological and engineering services to assist you in identifying the points for and against potential construction sites and providing high level evaluations of engineering options for your project.

Our desktop studies summarise information on regional geology, identify potential hazards and provide a valuable reference for site selection and routing studies. The information contained in our geological desk studies provides crucial background that assists in the development of an initial onshore site investigation or offshore survey plan.

We perform desktop studies for a wide range of engineering projects across numerous sectors including mining, oil and gas, energy generation and infrastructure. These studies utilise published information on the regional geology and from nearby developments as well as our local knowledge of the development location.

We can also provide assessments of the feasibility of proposed engineering concepts in parallel with the desktop studies. These assessments use the geological information that we have collated together with our experience in similar geotechnical constructions in general, and specifically for the expected ground stratigraphy at the project site. Identifying applicable engineering solutions adds to your confidence in the concepts that are developed for the project plan. Finally we present our findings and incorporate the project requirements into our engineering recommendations.

To create a useful, organised model of the ground profile at your project site we use our expertise in GIS to collate available information and to assist with interpretation of a combination of geotechnical, geophysical, topographical and other data. This model is updated throughout the duration of a project and also assists with identification of geohazards and ground features that require consideration in project planning.

Our services are tailored to meet your project requirements and cover onshore, nearshore and offshore engineering developments. They include:

  • Desktop Study and Data Acquisition Specification for Mining Developments – Based on existing ground stratigraphy and soils data we define the significance of the regional activity for the facility as well as the scope and specification for post-event survey. Where appropriate under a client partnership relationship, we plan and manage the survey.
  • Desktop Study for Onshore Developments – An understanding of the ground conditions and the associated implications on the project is crucial, especially in the early stages of a project. Fugro supports onshore developments with geological desktop studies and engineering advice to assist in the development of cost-effective engineering solutions, including selection of appropriate foundation types and infrastructure routes.
  • Desktop Study for Offshore Developments – Due to the costs associated with survey equipment for offshore survey campaigns it is essential to gain the best possible understanding of the subsea ground profile using the data available prior to mobilising a vessel to the site. Our high quality desktop studies incorporate a review of published information and additional insight based on our regional knowledge. Applying our in depth knowledge of the development and supervision of offshore survey campaigns, we provide recommendations on how to develop an efficient and effective survey schedule for your development site.
  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED) Phase for Offshore Developments – Offshore desktop studies are an invaluable step towards achieving the best technical and cost-effective solution for moving a project design to the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) phase.

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