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Our Fugro Roames® platform provides an innovative solution to vegetation and clearance management for powerlines, enabling you to supply safe and reliable power.

It delivers a powerful 3D virtual-world environment with information that is so detailed and accurate that it can replace traditional in-field inspection and scoping work – bringing the network to your office.

Asset geo-database assessment of pole

Improved vegetation management

Our Fugro Roames® vegetation management service uses the latest artificial intelligence and remote sensing technology to provide crucial data for strategic planning. We carry out a region-wide risk analysis that includes tree health, tree species identification, and fall-in risk scenarios.

Fugro Roames® allows informed decisions that achieve direct and tangible operational cost savings, such as deferred treatments, to be made. It also eliminates the costly thousands of kilometres of ground travel needed every year for traditional asset inspection activities. Savings of up to 40 % on OPEX can be achieved using Fugro Roames®, with a significant reduction in penalties associated with outages caused by vegetation and clearance defects.

Risk and investment scenarios driven by monitored vegetation growth rates are another Fugro Roames® feature that helps you achieve subsequent yearly savings whilst supporting data-driven decision-making and programme auditing.

Vegetation management 2
Fugro Roames® vegetation management solution forms the basis of a region-wide risk analysis including tree health analysis, tree species identification or fall-in risk scenarios

Accurate clearance reporting

Our conductor ground clearance product incorporates client-specific clearance standards and defect categorisation, giving you a reliable way to assess and manage risk, report on compliance and prioritise mitigation measures.

Fugro Roames® provides initial and annual snapshots of your network’s conductor locations, reporting minimum ground clearance in relation to corresponding and current ground (terrain) models. We then send actionable reports direct to operational staff to save time and costs.

Roames is used to model the network spans and identify any ground clearance infringements

Fugro Roames® is used to model the network spans and identify any ground clearance infringements

Precise asset matching

To successfully manage your assets, you need to know where they are and how they interact with the surrounding natural and built environment.

Our precise 3D model of the network provides an actualised dataset for your GIS, enabling pole locations to be updated to their real-world spatial location. We can also use the model to rebuild key asset registers that are suitable for asset valuation, bill of material management, and operational and financial modelling.

Rapid disaster management

If a disaster occurs, you need to guarantee quick and solid restoration of power in the affected areas. Fugro Roames® has been successfully deployed in response to cyclone events and severe summer bush fires to identify damaged network assets without being hampered by fallen trees or closed roads. This allowed operators to formulate a response based on reliable data, resulting in shorter restoration times and lower costs.

Rapid disaster management

Trees are among the major causes of power outages. Fugro Roames® provides a comprehensive picture of the extent and severity of damage from which important decisions can be made to strategise, assess, and prioritise response efforts.


The Fugro advantage

Fugro Roames® is the only solution that allows you to:

  • Optimise your maintenance schedules and reduce risk. It’s the ideal way to identify compliance defects annually on every network span – and for each individual wire – with 100 % audit coverage
  • Save time and resources via Fugro Roames® real-time processing and machine-learning capabilities. You can service up to one million bays per month – and easily scale it up or down to meet your needs
  • Unlock this valuable data cost-effectively throughout your entire enterprise. What’s more, as a cloud-based solution, there are no large datasets for you to manage, so it’s a great way to reduce your internal IT overheads

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