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Our Roames platform can be shared with all infrastructure owners and agencies, creating a resilient, sustainable community and a collaborative approach to asset management.

Roames is a robust, evolving common platform for engagement and interaction. It provides access to reliable, up-to-the-minute, detailed information for better management and improved understanding of the world around you.

Open Platform Roames

Roames creates a collaborative asset management approach

Open access cloud-based asset management

Roames hosts the environment and delivers data via the web, saving you further capital investment, ongoing operational overheads and the cost of employing in-house specialists. Our efficient cloud services and storage eliminate the need for petabytes of server space. Existing corporate or spatial information systems have open access into Roames through our web services (Application Program Interfaces).

Data types

Roames hosts data including lidar and thermal imagery, GIS/CAD, enterprise databases, ROW/property records, field photos, historical data and more. This data is added to virtual environment, providing additional contextual enrichment.

Drone Powerline Inspection

Images from drone inspections are embedded into the Roames virtual world

Roames also solves your image storing and filing problems. Clients can access millions of stored images, easily finding and identifying each asset, such as individual power poles, and distinguishing them in an instant.

The Roames advantage

  • Cost sharing between infrastructure owners from single platform
  • Secure collaboration creating better alignment of critical infrastructure and regional planning
  • Aligns incident responses, providing one reliable perspective on incident areas
  • Accelerated response to emergencies or natural disasters
  • A true representation of reality with spatial accuracies
  • Common dataset, enabling regional infrastructure providers to securely share asset details
  • Reduced costs of infrastructure management, storing, accessing and processing data

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