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Fugro and RapidSOS improve emergency response with 3D mapping technology

Fugro has partnered with RapidSOS in the US to deliver emergency dispatchers and first responders the dynamic, location-based information needed to speed incident response and improve situational awareness.

Frederick, Maryland, USA
22 Sep 2022
Fugro SIMmetry integrated with RapidSOS

The solution integrates a patent pending version of the company’s Fugro SIMmetryTM 3D mapping and visualisation technology within RapidSOS’s intelligent safety platform. The RapidSOS partnership enables Fugro to aid the work of more than 5300 emergency communications centres (ECCs) across the country, which together serve 95 % of the US population.

One of the most powerful aspects of integrating Fugro SIMmetryTM with RapidSOS is the ability to model vertical, or ‘z-axis’, location data. This feature allows dispatchers to quickly identify a caller’s location within a multi-story structure. The solution can also be customised to include floor-level building detail, providing dispatchers with important information about the caller’s proximity to stairwells, exits and other building features. In addition to z-axis data integration, Fugro SIMmetryTM offers automated tools for establishing safety perimeters around emergency situations. These perimeters denote areas of high, medium and low risk, helping protect first responders and the public from potential hazards at the scene.

Dave Sehnert, Head of Public Safety Partnerships at RapidSOS, stated: “Working to transform emergency response requires a collaborative approach with partners and innovative products that leverage safety for our ECC and first responder communities. We continuously look for industry pioneers such as Fugro to join the RapidSOS Partner Network. Their Fugro SIMmetryTM solution offers our users valuable information, giving ECCs actionable, and potentially life-saving, dynamic, location-based intelligence.”

Mike Wernau, Programme Manager for Fugro SIMmetryTM stated: “Partnering with RapidSOS to bring an immersive 3D virtual environment to emergency response will allow dispatchers and first responders to act faster and with increased confidence. It’s incredibly rewarding to know that Fugro SIMmetryTM will contribute to the life-saving work of emergency responders across the country and we look forward to supporting ECCs as they begin implementing this solution for their communities.”

Learn more about the Fugro SIMmetryTM and RapidSOS integration at www.rapidsos.com/fugro.

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