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The Roames mobile apps enable field crews, contractors and the general public to take photographs and source information to instantly report faults or life threatening situations, and report work or network status.

Digital photographs and captured information of assets and infrastructure taken in the field is synced to the Roames cloud, where they are automatically tagged to the corresponding asset within Roames’ virtual world, interpreted and assessed.


Field crew inspecting network faults

Seamless integration

Instant updates on the network generated from this content are accessible via cloud-based analysis in Roames’ platform. This meaningful information is then seamlessly integrated and made available back to clients’ own corporate systems.

This efficient mobile system ensures that you always have access to the specific up-to-date information you need, and a precise network status, when and where you need it.

Mobile Roames World Mobile

The Roames Advantage

  • Real-time upload and evaluation by Roames’ engine provides instant feedback and alerts
  • Safety and risk compliance with precise location guidance for responders at risk
  • Enables easy auditing of work performed by contractors
  • Simplifies inspection and data collection, reducing cost of primary inspection tasks
  • Automated, objective assessment of network risk and condition
  • Enables crowdsourcing, customer involvement and community engagement
  • Customisable workflows

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