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We know that innovation creates transformation, producing real step-changes in asset management and financial performance for our clients. We continually invest in the development and improvement of functionality to help deliver business excellence.

Innovation Roames HoloLens

Roames HoloLens immerses users in a digital representation of the real-world

The Roames approach

Roames moves beyond traditional data acquisition and modelling. It provides predictive simulations in reliable real world models that are progressively sophisticated. We create additional features, increased automation and greater incorporation of real-time data feeds.

We increasingly open our platform to greater varieties of data, such as infrared and thermal imaging and corona detection. We have pioneered vehicle-based video augmentation technology, increasing resolution to supplement our 3D virtual world. We are constantly improving object modelling and detection of asset condition.

Innovation Roames cyclone storm simulation

Storm simulations establish more resilient infrastructure and better disaster responses

Innovation benefits

These innovations translate into better functionality across wide-ranging areas, including optimisation of infrastructure across planning, routing, and new design. Our disaster simulations include wildfire modelling capabilities, in addition to the existing hurricane and flood simulations available within Roames World.

The future will see continuous streaming of updated information to and from Roames’ real world models via portable devices and wearables, from field workers, contractors, and the public.

The Roames Advantage

  • Cloud-based enterprise and 3D platform for data processing, integration, and analytics
  • Open platform: multiple industries can securely share a single dataset
  • Supports hosting and integration of external data
  • Proven success and partnerships working with worldwide utilities
  • We leverage global learning for continuous improvement of solutions
  • Extensive development and innovation informed by results
  • Continuous updates with new features and capabilities immediately available via the cloud

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