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With so many assets to monitor, maintain and repair, you need to know everything about them and their surrounding environment to reliably operate and maintain power grids.

Our Fugro Roames® technology brings clarity to asset management, enabling you to build an effective strategy, make informed decisions, and improve or replace inspection programmes.

Geo-referenced high-res imagery

High resolution images and data are geo-referenced to the inspected assets and linked to GIS, EAM or ERP systems

When it comes to asset management, human-eye inspections by trained professionals using drones, helicopters or via field visits are no longer the most cost-effective approach.

To make sound asset management decisions, you need accurate, measured data – and that’s made possible by the real-time processing and machine-learning capabilities of our Fugro Roames® technology. It dramatically reduces human subjectivity, while minimising the time and risk associated with inspectors working out in the field.

The full benefit of an aerial or field inspection can only be achieved if inspection data are geo-referenced to the inspected assets and linked to GIS, EAM or ERP systems. Whilst this is the standard option on an open platform, Fugro Roames® can provide additional advanced features, including:

Asset image monitoring

Our asset image monitoring (AIM) platform is being used on one of the world’s largest digitally enabled asset inspection programmes in Australia. It captures high-resolution imagery of your poles from helicopter-mounted cameras and includes automated data analytics and machine learning through the Fugro Roames® cloud-based platform.

We inspect more than 500,000 poles and millions of hardware components to provide crucial insights into the state of the network and quickly identify defects. Our clients have reported that 70 % of these defects would have been undiscoverable via traditional ground inspections.

Roames high-res imagery of pole from aerial capture

High-resolution imagery of the poles is captured using helicopter-mounted cameras and combined with automated data analytics

Defect category: extreme

Images captured from our helicopter are live-streamed to the Fugro Roames® platform over the 4G network. They are linked to specific asset IDs and integrated with existing client business processes in real-time.

Urgent high-risk defects on the power network are reported during helicopter inspections, prompting immediate action by our clients’ maintenance and repair crews, if required. Repairs can be completed within hours of being identified for improved safety and reduced risk.

The underlying analytics are used to identify other poles or hardware components with similar issues and to run detailed failure, mode, effects and criticality analysis (FMECA) reports.

Roames AIM platform showing state of network to identify defects

Fugro Roames® AIM’s platform provides crucial insight into the state of the network to quickly identify defects and prompt immediate action

The Fugro advantage

Key benefits of using Fugro Roames® for asset image monitoring and condition assessment include:

  • Discovers 27 times more defects than traditional asset inspection programmes and aerial patrols – with 70 % of those defects undiscoverable from ground inspections
  • Improves safety and reduces risk by enabling repairs to take place within hours of defects being detected
  • Enables you to make smart maintenance choices through better prioritisation and provides detailed FMECA reporting over the entire inspected asset base
  • Reduces operational costs by replacing inefficient analogue field collection with high-resolution helicopter imagery, which acquires images of 150 to 200 poles an hour

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