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Transmission capture and high fidelity network asset model

The UK’s National Grid required asset capture and dynamic 3D modelling of its electricity transmission assets.

At the forefront of Asset Management, National Grid requires information to provide in-depth insights on ground, structures, circuit to circuit and inter-phase conductor clearances, tower verticality and vegetation infringements. Roames® addresses this through the delivery of an accurate high fidelity 3D network model that can be interrogated and analysed in a real world context using tools like Roames® and PLS-CADD.

“Overall I am very pleased, the LiDAR definition is great and the generated tower models and conductor positioning and sagging is superb.” James Beswick – Programme Manager at National Grid

Roames® uses an automated mathematical approach to construct the 3D network model including tower type detection, placement and orientation. This streamlined approach not only reduces the delivery timeframe but enables more advanced engineering that has traditionally been cost prohibitive.

Key Metrics:

  • National Grid owns the transmission (275kV, 400kV) network in England and Wales and is the operator of the network in England, Wales and Scotland.
  • The network in England and Wales comprises of 7200 km of high voltage overhead lines and around 1000 km of underground cables.
  • Under a multi-year framework agreement, Fugro provides a complete picture of each asset and the interaction with its surrounding environment.
  • Change detection highlights inconsistencies between National Grid’s tower models and those created by Roames®.
  • Roames® automated modelling approach provide advantage in identification of these as-constructed differences while also improved speed of turnaround.
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