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Surveying and Pavement Evaluation

Surveying and pavement evaluation

We provide turnkey surveying and evaluation solutions to help you achieve your pavement management goals. We have an extensive track record in successfully providing automated asset data collection services and products that help transportation agencies manage their roads and associated assets more effectively.

Pavement condition surveys

Our pavement survey vehicles collect the full spectrum of infrastructure information, such as roughness, rutting, texture and pavement imaging, for surface distress detection in a single pass at highway speeds.

We offer several asset data strategies and packages to meet the needs of systems including the Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS), MAP21, and SCANNER. Using iVision, we can pair collected data  with your existing pavement management system for simplified data synchronisation and analysis.

Asset inventories 

We use our state-of-the-art ARAN® fleet and surveyor software tool to provide a network-level survey of all visible roadside assets (such as school zones, fire hydrants and kerbs), lane types and bridges. Our fully customisable surveys can range from municipal to nationwide road networks.

Our specialist team quickly records asset features, including type, position (linear and GPS), basic condition, measurements and imagery. We then upload the data in real time to a relational database from which we generate reports that provide essential insights into your assets.

Buried utility mapping

Our comprehensive range of survey options reduce the risks associated with excavation. We map buried utilities using visual, topographic, electromagnetic location and ground-penetrating methods.

Data collection support 

During structural evaluation, our team delivers survey information with unprecedented accuracy. We provide distress surveys, materials sampling and testing, and structural analysis using the latest technology and methods in the industry. Ground-penetrating radar is used to identify moisture concerns, while falling weight deflectometers and heavy weight deflectometers are used to determine structural response to wheel loads.

Functional evaluation

We provide surface friction testing, ride quality assessments and cross-slope measurement services to improve road safety and asset performance.

Traffic volume impact studies

Pavement evaluation, development of infrastructure impact plans, and roadway user and maintenance agreements are crucial to ensure roads are maintained to meet unexpected road demands. Our expert team will assist you by designing proactive or reactive plans customised to your unique project goals.


  • Lowers road maintenance costs through early identification of defects and implementation of preventative measures
  • Reduces hazardous defects, delivering safer roads
  • Optimises your future road infrastructure development planning

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